Not the Post I was Going to Write

Today I was going to write about first birthdays, summer camp, and soup. That’s what my editorial calendar says.  But then I sat down and found that I had nothing to say today about any of those topics. Maybe I should write about Disney?  I never have a hard time writing about Disney.  And yet?  Nothing.

So is this writer’s block?  I think it’s relief.  And I want to revel in it.

Today both of my children went off to school with smiles on their faces and an actual skip in their steps.  Well, as much as a skip as my not terribly coordinated kids could muster.

Then I sat down in my home office with the sun shining in through the windows and the birds actually chirping in the backyard as if Julie Andrews herself was about to break into song.

For lunch I had a slice of leftover pizza – the best pizza ever – and it didn’t hurt, meaning the strep is basically outta’ here. Thank you, Zithromax.

When I picked up my son at pre-school I had wonderful parents to chat with while my son ran around with nice children who love being his friend.  They ran and laughed and got grass stains on their pants and mud all over their shoes and he climbed into the car tired and smiling.

Later when my daughter comes home, she’ll eat the fruit I give her without fussing and she’ll tell us about her day at school and then she’ll play with her brother because lately they’re friends more than enemies, cohorts and co-conspirators.

When my heart is this full, it’s hard to remember what I wanted to write about today.

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