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As you may have noticed from my frequent trips to Walt Disney World, the “Resourceful Disney” category on this blog, or my incessant Disney-related tweets, I kind of like Disney.  I like Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, I fell in love with Disneyland Park in California last summer, I believe that the Disney Cruise Line is the best in the world for families, if I hit the lottery I’d spend it all on traveling the world with Adventures By Disney, and my family – far and away – prefers Disney Movies over all others.

So yes, I’m a fan of Disney.

For that reason I wanted Resourceful Mommy readers to have some information that Disney is sharing with the public, but that you might not have come across as of yet.  I know that many of you, like myself, are planning upcoming trips to Disney Parks and Resorts, and some questions you may have are likely answered below.  Please know that I’m writing this as Amy an independent blogger and not as a writer on the Disney owned blog, Babble.  I am also not speaking for or on behalf of Disney, but rather sharing their words with you to provide you with valuable information.

From Disney:

Disney has an unwavering commitment to making our experiences accessible to all Guests.  After careful consideration, we will be replacing the Guest Assistance Card with the new Disability Access Service Card on Oct. 9 to create a more consistent experience for all our Guests while providing accommodations for Guests with disabilities.  Until Oct. 9, we will continue to use Guest Assistance Cards.  We look forward to sharing more information about the Disability Access Service Card as we get closer to implementation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will the new program work?

The Disability Access Service Card will offer Guests a return time for an attraction based on the current wait time.  Guest Assistance Cards will continue to be in effect until Oct. 9.  We look forward to sharing more information as we get closer to implementation.

Did you ask for feedback in developing the Disability Access Service Card?

We are engaging disability groups, and Autism Speaks was instrumental in providing feedback as we developed this new process.

Why are you doing this?

Given the increasing volume of requests we receive for special access to our attractions, we are changing our process beginning Oct. 9 so that it creates a more consistent experience for all our Guests while providing accommodations for Guests with disabilities.

Who will be eligible for a Disability Access Service Card?

Our goal is to accommodate Guests who aren’t able to wait in a conventional queue environment due to a disability (including non-apparent disabilities).

Will Guests on wish trips also use Disability Access Service Cards?

No. Guests who are visiting through wish-granting organizations will have access through a separate program.

What should Guests do if they have concerns?

Guests should contact Guest Relations to discuss their assistance need.

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  • Tom

    My wife has an electric scooter, and we have found that almost all the rides let her just ride through. With the few that do not, do you think she will need to get one of these cards? She is not handicapped (per se), she just has problems walking around the parks all day (balance, strength).