My Swopper Experience {Discount Code}

I have all but stopped writing product reviews after years of thoroughly enjoying that aspect of blogging mostly because sincerely reviewing products takes more time than I have at the moment. I also am simply far less interested in “stuff” than I used to be, and that includes talking about, thinking about, and writing about said stuff.

With that said, I received an email a couple months ago about something called a Swopper and looked into the product before replying with my standard thanks, but no thanks response.

Meet the Swopper:


The basic idea behind the Swopper is that unlike standard desk chairs, the Swopper encourages and facilitates “active sitting.” This is the part where I giggled. I giggled a lot, actually. But then I remembered how  much better I felt a couple years back when I used an exercise ball instead of a desk chair. I have recurring back pain, swelling in my legs, and something I like to call Body By WordPress – in other words, I’m a bit soft around the middle. The problems with the exercise ball were many, however. The silly seat wasn’t exactly the shape that my short legs required, and I struggled to keep it properly inflated. Eventually I abandoned it and went back to the chair that was more comfortable but continued to cause back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Could the Swopper be the answer to my sitting at a computer all day long woes? 

The Swopper includes a vertical bounce – actually allowing me to move up and down as well as side to side and front and back while I’m typing. In other words, the seat follows the movement of my body rather than my body needing to follow the movement of my chair. A funny thing happens when you sit on a chair that moves with you – you actually move more.

I’ve been using the Swopper  every time I am at my computer for a month and a half. My lower back pain has gone away completely, and as long as I sit properly (not leaning back too far), the neck and shoulder pain also stay away. Here is the crazy part, though. I am down a pants size. I’ve done nothing else to lose weight from increasing exercise to changing my diet. In fact, the cold weather and the holidays have actually made my healthy habits a bit less healthy in the last few weeks. Could it be that using my core muscles to hold my balance while I work is actually making a difference?

The Swopper is also just a lot of ridiculous fun. My kids beg me to check it out, but I keep telling them that it’s for me only, a very serious part of my office furniture. In reality, the Swopper allows me to get into my desk dancing while I type and listen to music all day long. Surely that counts as exercise, yes?

If you’d like to check out the Swopper for yourself or know someone who could benefit from making this change in their health as they head into the new year, consider taking advantage of the discount code that Swopper has set up for Resourceful Mommy readers:

15% off code – enter DUZVJ9O1CD8A for purchase on Code expires 12/31/2014

Disclosure: Product was provided in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. No other compensation was provided.

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  • Mary Cummings

    The Swopper sounds like just what my body wants me to sit on while on the computer. I so love listening to music while tweeting and facebooking. The thought of adding desk dancing to help me lose weight by doing the “Bop” on the Swopper makes me happy.