My Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

I’m going to admit right now that I am not the world’s greatest housekeeper.  My idea of organization is neatly stacked piles.  My idea of clean is quickly swept heavily trafficked areas and sanitized bathrooms and kitchens.

And yet, I know what I don’t like when it comes to cleaning my house.  I don’t like the smell of harsh chemicals.

To avoid that “fresh from the hospital” smell, I have tried various natural products, steam cleaners, and wide open windows to try to air out the house as quickly as possible after cleaning.  While each method has its merits, I was excited to learn about Mrs. Meyer’s products that would make my house squeaky clean, not stinky clean. Rather than containing no scent at all or attempting to mask harsh smells with garish and incredibly synthetic smelling scents, Mrs. Meyer’s products instead use light, fresh aromas like lavender, basil, and lemon verbena.

When the Mrs. Meyer’s products arrived for me to try, I grabbed the Mrs. Meyer’s all purpose cleaner first.  My kitchen and bathroom floors were due to be scrubbed, so while the all purpose cleaner can be used on many surfaces from cabinets to scuff marks on walls, I was ready to tackle the tiles.  I began with the kitchen, asking my kids to come smell the room – keeping their grubby feet a safe distance away, of course – and they both gave the scent a thumbs up before returning to the playroom.  I think they were surprised to smell something so wonderful in the kitchen.  Did I mention I’m also not a great cook? My husband returned from weekend warrior yard work to find a sparkling clean kitchen floor and immediately said it smelled fresh, like flowers but not floral.  After pointing out that there are plants other than flowers, he decided that was what it smelled like.  Basil?  Whatever it is….it’s good.  Once the floors were dry I gave them the barefoot test and was thrilled to find that the all purpose cleaner did not leave a sticky residue as some if its competitors do.

Feeling energized by my success with the basil, I moved on to the laundry.  I have tried various lavender products to help my bedroom move from the toy room/TV room/laundry folding room to a peaceful sanctuary, perfect for sleep.  From satchels to sprays, nothing seems to last. Imagine how thrilled I was to find Mrs. Meyer’s laundry detergent and Mrs. Meyer’s fabric softener in lavender in my box of review products!  I stripped all of my bedding including my down comforter and tossed them into the washer along with the Mrs. Meyer’s lavender laundry products.  If I was going to have a Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, then I was going to do it right!  Currently we use all fragrance free laundry products because of our children’s sensitive skin, so I was excited to have my own set of products, just for me, just for my bedding.  Well, okay, I’ll also allow my husband to enjoy the light lavender scent that now fills our bedroom, but the kids need to stay in their own beds!  To encourage them to do just that, I actually mixed just a bit of the Mrs. Meyer’s detergent and softener with their normal products to add just a touch of lavender scent to their rooms.

Because I couldn’t get enough of that great basil scent, I wrapped up my Mrs. Meyer’s Squeaky Clean Not Stinky Clean Day by trying the Mrs. Meyer’s Liquid Dish Soap.  My mother has been making fun of the way I do dishes for years, so she would be thrilled to know that I filled the sink with hot water and created a basil bubble bath for my pots and pans.  I am very particular when it comes to my dish soap because while I don’t mind a little clutter, I can’t stand dishes that aren’t sparkling clean.  Not only did Mrs Meyer’s get the jobs done, but my hands feel soft and smell good.  Bonus.

I plan to continue to enjoy my Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products, and now that they’re available in select Walmart stores and all the time at, I will continue to use them once the samples have been used.  Ready to try them for yourself?  Don’t miss the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day $1.00 coupon right here on my site!

This post was written as part of the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day program.  I received the products to try and received compensation for my post.  All opinions within this post are completely my own.

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  • maura

    Unfortunately Mrs Meyers products are laden with synthetic fragrance.