My Laundry Room and Garage are Amazing!

(subtitle: EasyClosets Saved Two Rooms of My House)

I’m so excited to unveil the results of my EasyClosets Total Home Tour garage and laundry room makeover. But first, a word about the design and installation.

My husband and I worked together on both the design and installation process since we both spend an equal amount of time in the two redesigned spaces. We began the process by visiting the EasyClosets online showroom to get ideas for what we could do with our garage. Once my husband had his wish list of components, he used the online design tool to begin piecing together the various features. We then got on the phone with the EasyClosets design expert, which is a service available to all EasyClosets customers. Because my husband’s design was saved online in the design tool, our design expert, Dimitri, was able to access our initial ideas and refine them. While we chatted on the phone, Dimitri suggested tweaking a few things such as the feet on the cupboards and the width of the wall unit.

The actual installation seemed like it was going to be an overwhelming process simply because of the number of boxes that arrived. In fact, the UPS delivery guy was so blown away by the number of boxes that he asked to see the completed project while making a later delivery. And yes, I proudly escorted him into my garage to show off our handiwork. The truth is that the entire installation took only a weekend, and every step of the process was accurately outlined in the instructions.


The laundry room process was a bit different in that I had no idea where to start. Rather than create a design using the online tool, I simply described my challenges to Dimitri who immediately plugged in his own creation. He then saved and shared his design so that I could view it online. It was perfect for our needs – even adding more storage than we realized was possible – and the components were also able to be installed in just one weekend.

And now….drumroll please…





Laundry Room




Disclosure: In exchange for this post series, I received EasyClosets product. All opinions and horrible disorganization are my own. Some of the manual labor was my husband’s, but I jigged out that outlet opening ALL. BY. MYSELF.

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  • Dana Valle

    They both look awesome.Easy closets is great. You did a fantastic job!!!

  • Katherine

    Oh My I wish mine looked like that

  • Looks great!! Happy Holidays 🙂

  • Turns out everything that happened was for the best! (: God made a way where there seemed to be no way! Happy Holidays!

  • It’s a sin, but I covet that laundry room. These are great photos, everything looks so easy to maintain.

    • I will say, it was easier to “fix” a small space than a large space, which is a little counter-intuitive. It looked finished and polished very quickly because there wasn’t much room to work with. It gives me hope for when I tackle my office closet!

  • Happy New Year Amy,

    I so long for a dedicated area this large for my laundry room. When the home was built, this must have a very modern laundry room. I love Skylands, including this room. Thanks for sharing your wonderful life, it’s one of my morning rituals to visit your blog. Look forward to the coming year.

  • OMG I love it…

    It looks amazing and so organized!

  • Why did I see this! I wish this was my garage and laundry room right now!