My HP TouchSmart Webprinter Video

You may remember that four months ago I had the opportunity to review and giveaway a new TouchSmart Webprinter from HP (product and compensation provided). The review and giveaway were part of a larger campaign that included the filming of a webisode to air on Parents Ask. Since the time of filming, my poor printer has been moved around from the kitchen where I used it exclusively as a webprinter to my office where my children and I continue to utilize the WiFi connection to print maps, coupons, and coloring pages, but where I also print from my office computer. Unfortunately, there were some growing pains along the way. While the printer worked beautifully – impressively so – on its own and with my laptop, it did not get along with my computer. There were days when I considered throwing my new computer out the window because I took it personally that it didn’t like my wonderful printer. Finally, after working with the very helpful HP support live chat team, my printer now continues to work well without a computer, but also prints easily from all three computers in the house. Quite a feat! And now, after four months of anticipation (come on, you know you were on the edge of your seats…), please check out the webisode that my family and I made for the HP TouchSmart Webprinter!

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