My Baby is Five

Five years ago this morning, the perfect delivery I had planned took a frightening twist and my son was born via emergency c-section.  He was blue, unresponsive, and rushed to the NICU where his daddy was able to take the first pictures of him hours later.

Despite his time in the NICU, he thankfully nursed like a champ.  This was a gift after the experience I had with my daughter who was two months premature and never able to breastfeed.  My pediatrician recommended that I let him nurse on demand.  And he demanded. Check out my breastfed boy at nine months…

Even though he never slept (really…never) and learned to pull his big sister’s hair even before he learned how to walk, he was the happiest baby boy in the world…

And that happy baby grew up quickly to become a happy pre-schooler who goes with the flow whether we’re stuck on the tarmac for two hours or riding the carousel in the Magic Kingdom hours past his bedtime…

And then somehow, when I wasn’t paying attention, he grew up.  Today my baby turns five and to add insult to injury, it is also the day that I’ll enroll him in kindergarten for the fall.  Even though it breaks my heart to see him growing up so quickly, I am so proud of the little boy he has become – smart, considerate, playful, and yes, still happy – and I look forward to watching him continue to grow into a young man.

Written by: Amy

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