Movies on Verizon FiOS

Last night I watched the Golden Globes along with millions of other fans of movies and television.  Watching the actors and actresses, many of them from my childhood, reminded me of how special it was to have a night out at the movies when I was a kid.  The closest movie theater was a solid thirty minutes away and not always safe to get to in the winter.  When VCRs finally became affordable we had a way to see movies more often, but the local rental store had a small selection and took at least a year to bring in new releases.  My favorites – movies like Say Anything and The Sound of Music – became worn out over the years, difficult to understand at favorite parts, the picture fuzzy.

All of that has changed with FiOS On Demand.

As I watched movie after movie featured during the awards last night, I made a list of the movies I will be renting through Verizon FiOS.  I look forward to watching them in the comfort of my own home, that FiOS quality putting my old VHS tapes to shame.

What was your favorite movie when you were a kid and what movies do you look forward to viewing On Demand?

I am a Verizon FiOS Ambassador and have received compensation as part of that program.

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  • Melissa P. @Mel4Him

    We rented “The Odd Life of Timothy Green” on Verizon On Demand last week. We missed seeing it at the movie theater and I really wanted to see it. It was a great movie.

    • That is one we’ve been considering as well.

  • I can’t wait for the possibility of upgrading to this phone and/or using FiOS. I’m glad Verizon is pushing this right now.