Mother’s Day Stress

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I have enjoyed celebrating Mother’s Day for the last 9 years, the extra cuddles from the kids, the flower on the way out of the sanctuary at church,the breakfast in bed.  What I love most about this day is that it is usually stress free.  My biggest effort is to put a bit more work into looking nice for church on this special Sunday.  But this year is different.  This year I have the very special pleasure of traveling with my family on Mother’s Day weekend which means an even more special celebration of motherhood…and stress.

Let’s face it – stress is part of motherhood, right?

For the past few weeks I’ve been in charge of ironing out the details of our travel from flights to shuttles to shopping lists and more.  This week my bedroom looked more like the inventory room at a department store with sunglasses, sunscreen, and outfits labeled with days of the week laid out in every spare corner.  Every moment that leads up to our amazing weekend away means stress.  Thankfully, this planning period coincided with a product review opportunity.

For the past couple weeks I’ve also been trying out Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response.  I’ve used Secret for as long as I can remember, trying out the Baby Powder scent Secret in elementary school around the same time I began to notice lip gloss, boys, and fashion.  But life as a busy, work-at-home mom sometimes requires a bit more!  These last few weeks have made me a convert and Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response will now be in my shopping cart.

Did you know that the three causes of sweat are activity, heat, and stress?  A busy trip in the late spring heat with me at the wheel?  Sounds like perfect timing to me!  And here’s a little known fact – stress sweat smells worse (no really!).  It comes in part from an entirely different gland so I’ll be rocking the heat and activity sweat plus stressing out.  I told you the timing for this review was perfect!  New Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response includes proprietary technology that traps and locks away odor and then releases a fresh scent rather than just covering up your stress sweat odor.

Now that you know all about my stress sweat moment coming up this weekend, you can share yours with Secret on Facebook as well as @SecretDeodorant on Twitter using the hashtag #StressSweat for a chance to participate in valuable giveaways.  But we all know that the real win is feeling and smelling great, right?  Trust me.  Now that is winning.

And to everyone standing near me at this weekend’s celebration – you’re welcome.

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