Mother’s Day Gift Guide: April Cornell Bag

With my first baby, I carried around a giant Winnie-the-Pooh bag, or sometimes that free black diaper bag we all get at the hospital. I hadn’t chosen either, and I didn’t much care. When kiddo number two came along I decided after Pooh had clearly gone on his last trip and the second black bag was worn through that perhaps I would get something I really loved. What I settled on was a beautiful white quilted diaper bag with tiny blue flowers and yellow here and there. It was feminine – much more so than anything else I own – but I loved it.

That gorgeous bag is exactly what I think of when I look at any of April Cornell’s handbags and totes.

Each bag looks as though it was hand made – as though I could have made it. Except that when you look more closely you see a handy inside zipper pouch (I couldn’t have sewn that!), a grommeted magnet that lines up perfectly, and fabrics that compliment each other in such a way that I clearly didn’t choose them.

If your mother or another mom in your life (you?), loves this style, then consider a convenient tote or bag from April Cornell this Mother’s Day.

This is for: Anyone crafty, anyone who likes timeless, classical pieces, and anyone who has a decorative chicken in their home.

You won’t like this if: You are not into the “country” style, you don’t understand why anyone would wear a hat on Easter, and the idea of knitting turns you sour.

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