Monsters University and LeapFrog

monstersuniversityleapfrogWe are huge Disney * Pixar Monsters University fans in my house, so I was excited to find out that LeapFrog now offers two Monsters University themed learning products for kids.

tagreadermonsteruLeapReader™ 3D Book:

The Monsters University LeapFrog book focuses on the following three learning areas – nouns and verbs, deductive reasoning, and position words.  It works with both the Tag reading system as well as the new LeapReader Reading and Writing System.  The book includes the following features:

• Experience the world of Monsters University in 3D, with included 3D glasses!
• Play learning games that build logic and reasoning skills using position words and some detective work.
• Learn about nouns and verbs as you correctly identify the right scare technique to complete final exams!
 Read at your own pace getting word-by-word support along the way to develop word recognition and reading comprehension skills.
• Touch advanced vocabulary words to hear them read aloud, and deepen your comprehension skills with rich activities that reinforce word meanings.

monstersuniversityleappadExplorer™ Game Cartridge: 

The LeapFrog game cartridge for the Explorer and the LeapPad focuses on the following learning areas – logic and reasoning, matching, and cause and effect.  The cartridge game, also available as an app, features the following:

• Train to be a top Scarer while progressing through 24 levels! Each level of learning puts your mind to the test—solving logic puzzles and tactical mini-games to unlock shortcuts, find Scare Cards and collect dorm decor.
• Navigate your way across campus as you sneak to your destination! Strategize a path through obstacles and enemies using objects you find and evasion tactics.
• As you go, 2 problem-solving mini games challenge your scare skills. Identify pairs of matching monsters memorabilia before time runs out! Use deductive reasoning skills to find the monster that holds the hidden key!
• Let your inner monster loose! Pick parts to create your own monster.  You can even monsterize your own face and bring your creation to life by recording monster roars with the built-in camera and microphone on LeapPad learning tablets and LeapsterGS Explorer! Finally, put your monster to the test and see how much scream energy you can collect!

Learn more about Monsters University for LeapFrog at  Product was provided for review.




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  • Jane

    This is perfect for my LO, she is a monsters inc fan. We have Leap” fans for years. Her birthday is very soon & this will make the best gift