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Rules: This contest will run from 8:00 a.m. EST 2/18/09 until 8:00 a.m. EST Tuesday, 2/24/09. One prize per winning entry. All winners will be chosen by random number selection. Winner will be contacted within one week of the contest close. Prior to the awarding of prizes, verification will be made that winner has followed the steps listed in entry procedures.

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New Prize!!! Heart of a Woman in Business by Sheryl L. Roush: Books have always been a favorite holiday and birthday present both for me to give and receive, but some books tend to make better gifts than others. Heart of a Woman in Business by Sheryl L. Roush is one of those books. As a stay-at-home mompreneur, this book could not have entered my life as a better time. This small, square bedside tome makes for perfect evening reading.
Divided into fourteen sections with headings such as “Inspirations for the Heart,” “Light Moments,” and “Best Practices, Strategies & Ideas,” this work not only provides enjoyment for any woman who has struggled to combine work and family, worked hard to excel in her career, or launched a business of her own, but it also offers valuable tips and advice from one woman to another. I highly recommend checking out this book as well as the others in the
Heart Book Series!

1. Five Door Prizes – Elmo and Friends: Tales of Adventure! All moms need a peaceful moment with their children from time to time that does not involve a messy craft or even reading a stack of books, but we all know that not just any media is safe or worthwhile for our children. This DVD from Genius Products and the folks at Sesame Street is action-packed with three incredible stories overflowing with mysterious clues, heroic monsters, and lots of dramatic music! Join Telly as he searches for the Golden Triangle of Destiny, cheer on Elmo as he races against the clock in Elmo’s Amazing Alphabet Race, and help an ant-sized Big Bird alert his friends about his dilemma in the Adventures of Little Big Bird. There’s nothing like the trusted friends we all grew up with on Sesame Street to provide a fun and educational break for our busy families.

2. Jon and Kate Plus Ei8ht-Season 3 DVD: We’ve all heard the criticisms of this family of ten, including those aimed at mom Kate, but as mom’s working to do our best for our families, I’m sure we can all relate to the driving force behind every mompreneur – providing for our families. I never miss this show as I enjoy the ebb and flow of Jon and Kate’s relationship, the incredible growth of the children, and the fun peek that we get into the crazy life of a family with two sets of multiples! With entertainment that is appropriate for the entire family, this DVD makes a fun addition to any DVD collection.

3. SurfShelf – a Mompreneur creation!! Do you have difficulty finding time to work out and work while taking care of your family and their needs (not to mention your own needs!)? The SurfShelf was created by a busy mom and her handy husband so that you can use your laptop while you get in shape – you can also watch DVD’s! It is a portable polycarbonate tray that attaches your laptop to any exercise machine – a treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer, etc. Why not spend even just a fraction of the hours that you spend online walking or riding? Imagine the results you will see as your energy level increases and your health improves! Also, SurfShelf users have access to In-Gym.com, an online entertainment portal built specifically for each of use while working out. It requires only arrow keys to move around the site and currently has seven categories including: news, sports, entertainment, health & lifestyle, music videos, online TV and stuff for teens. Each category has 12 video channels – so that is 84 video sites total….and counting!

4. Gift Card for Touch’d Sugar Scrubs: Touch’d Sugar Scrubs are the perfect natural blend of sugar, essential oils, and scents. Who knew sugar could be so healthy! Sugar Scrubs exfoliate the top layer of unwanted dead skin cells and open pores, allowing skin to breathe. They stimulate your skin, improve circulation and add much-needed moisture and vitamins, leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky as if you just left the spa. Founder and owner of Touch’d Bath & Body Products, Mompreneur Rachel Ferrucci had the idea for her products and company after years of trying to find a product line that met ALL the needs of her family. As a former hair dresser-turned-entrepreneur she often needed a soothing salt soak after a long day of work. Her hard-working husband needed to smooth out his rough hands and dry cracked heels. And, her two teenaged daughters sought out deliciously smelling moisturizing lotions. So when she couldn’t find a line of products that suited her entire family, she finally decided to start a line of her own: Touch’d.

5. Peek-a-Boob Strips: As a professional woman, you’ve probably had this happen to you – You wear a cute button-down blouse only to find that as you move, you are playing peek-a-boob with everyone around you. That is precisely why I was literally giddy with excitement when I found out about Peek-a-Boob Strips! I do not usually approach specific vendors to obtain prizes, but this is just such a great idea, I wanted to share it. I’ve been assured that the strips even work on temperamental cardigans! Peek-a-Boob Strips eliminates that gap between buttons on your favorite shirts, hides bra straps, secures wrap style skirts and shirts, secures revealing necklines, or just a quick fix for a hemline. So put the safety pin away ladies, now we have Peek-A-Boob!

6. 60 Day Free Membership to Blog Success! ($97 value) Jack Humphrey, author of Authority Black Book, the #1 eBook for Bloggers in 2007 according to Mashable.com, will help you build a blog that generates tons of free, organic traffic from search engines and social media sites. According to Jack, most successful bloggers make anywhere from $500 to $5000+ per month, and these are people who are not geeky, don’t know a bunch of technical stuff, and never claimed to be good writers. They are just passionate about their chosen topics! With Jack Humphrey you will learn how to set up a new power blog in minutes, make money with your blog, research your ideal market and more!

7. Don’t Take Candy from Strangers, a Parents’ Guide to MySpace: This e-book from Online Security Authority teaches parents how to protect their kids online. Since 2005, the hottest new place to be and belong to are social networking communities, such as mySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Digg and delicious. These communities are the nightclubs of the new millennium, social networks include: online chatting, text messages, cell phones, v-phones, and anything that includes hard drives, chips, memory, audio, and video and media cards. In plain terms, connections made through media sources like laptops, PC’s, PDA’s and new high-tech mobiles. They bring people together by the mass media appeal, and now more than ever security issues of vulnerabilities, call for precautions to be taken every hour if not every second of every day. The so-called innocence enjoyed by everyone about the Internet is gone forever, personal privacy, identity theft, along with the ever-present threat of online predators and pedophiles should be everyone’s three main concerns.

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