Microsoft Windows Laptop Giveaway

Earlier this summer I shared some time-saving tips courtesy of Microsoft Windows and my presentation at the Type-A Parent Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Hopefully by now most of you have had a chance to reorganize your inbox and find amazing ways to use your new free time during this gorgeous late summer weather!  While tips ranging from the most effective ways to sort your email to utilizing email rules to delete unwanted messages are helpful, no technology time saving tips are useful without the right technology. That is why I am so thrilled to announce that one Resourceful Mommy reader is going to win this beauty…

Enter to Win

To enter to win please leave a comment below telling me how owning this Lenovo G580 Notebook with Windows 7 will help you save time!

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18 or over and ends Friday, August 31st at 11:59 p.m. ET.

This post was sponsored by Microsoft Windows who graciously covered the costs of my conference related expenses and who provided me with a laptop for use during my year as a Windows Champion.  All opinions are my own.  This prize has been provided by Microsoft Windows.

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  • Shannon S

    This will help because my laptop is missing several buttons so I can’t use it. Also my son needs a computer all his own to run his programs on for his ASD.

  • Jennifer

    this would help me save time because I wouldn’t have to wait for my husband to get off his laptop so I can use it, my daughter broke mine months ago and we can’t replace it right now, and sharing sucks! 🙂

  • Denise M

    Actually if i won this i will pay it forward to my sister. She is using a laptop that is being held together with duct tape, and she is using it for personal stuff and for business. I think a new laptop will help her work more efficiently at her current job, let her increase the number of clients plus start the blog she has been talking about for over a year.

  • WOW! This is awesome! Our (old!) desktop is down in the basement but having a laptop that I could use on the dining room table while my son is doing his homework would be a HUGE time saver for me.

  • Dana Valle

    This will save me time by using the sweeps feature you were talking about in your article. I hate having to try and go back and remember where “I placed” an email that “I “know” I read and ” I moved” to a certain folder. (At least I thought I did or I meant to.Yeah right. Most of them I find in the deleted file. How’s that happen? lol ) Also, this will help me because my laptop now has no battery life , whatsoever, and is constantly losing it’s wireless connection, so I am having to shut it down and restart it just to reconnect to the internet. That takes about 4-5 minutes each time. It can be sooo frustrating. Thank you for the chance!

  • crystal anderson

    This would be amazing. With two kids that have homework and NO computer at home …how could this NOT save time? All research is done from my phone…I need this!!

  • Jenni Chan

    We have put getting a new computer on the back burner after our last computer completely crashed soon after Christmas last year. Since then I’ve been unable to organize any of my photos on the camera. I’m so afraid to delete them because my husband’s work computer is not HD compatible with my camera. So a new laptop would be so helpful in getting my photos organized and saved so that I have more room to take pictures on the camera’s memory card.

  • Kellie Kluger

    I would be so happy if I won this! I heavily use current my laptop but it can’t keep up. My hard drive just crashed, I have to take the battery out and do a hard reset everytime I have to reboot. It’s just falling apart.

  • @nycmartini

    It will help me save time just by starting up faster than “old ironsides” who takes at least 10 mins to load.

  • Wow. I need a new laptop bad! Mine keeps overheating. When i want to use it real quick it doesn’t want to work. It would save me so much effort and time when working on a project. It would especially save me headaches! 🙂 It would also help me to help my husband with his work scheduling and tracking. He always needs help.

  • This would help me be able to separate my business files and personal files. My laptop I have now is being slowed with all the programs I have on it for my photography.

  • Jennifer

    We homeschool, and we’re forever shuffling who’s going to work on which computer (we have 2 and 3 people at home working). So having a laptop like this to use for our homeschooling would be awesome!

  • Melody

    this could save me a lot of time, because I wouldn’t have to rely on my phone, work, or the library, to access the internet!

  • Kate

    I so need this computer! I am homeschooling my two boys, ages 5 and 7, and have a 14-month-old girl running around. On top of this, I work full-time as a college professor and my husband is going to school full-time. So busy! Having a laptop instead of the desktop we’re using at home now would allow me to grade work papers while at the table helping my sons with their work, check my email while the baby naps, and just be able to multi-task everything better so I can enjoy more time with my family without all of the work interruptions!

  • Well, it would save me a lot of time because my my computer is slowing down. Seems dropping it on its side and accidentally downloading viruses may have lingering effects, even if you get it “fixed”. So just having a computer running efficiently would be a timesaver. 😉

  • Asmith

    this would help me by decreasing the time I have to wait for items to load on my old computer

  • Kathy Lynn

    I don’t think a family can have enough computers!!! Sure would benefit from another computer… our one laptop the motherboard is going and the sound doesn’t work anymore either. We got this from our son before he left for the military. Thank You for the opportunity !!

  • april yedinak

    It will really help us save time because 1) our old desktop is sloth slow and 2) 6 people compete(fight like cats and dogs) to use the 1 super slow desktop. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Melissa P. @Mel4Him

    I actually won a Lenovo a few years back and I love it. If I win this one, it would be for my son. We have a desktop computer that is 8 years old. It is soooooo sloooooooow and the fan is contantly running to the point that I’m afraid to let my son use it. This laptop would be perfect for him. It would him save time when writing papers, making lists, finding information for projects and school papers. homework, completing school projects, and so much more. We could really use this laptop. Praying to win!

  • Amy

    I would love to use this laptop to organize, bills, food menus and schedules! Thanks for such a gracious giveaway!!!

  • Deborah Anderson

    It would allow me to work in places where I can’t take my desktop computer!

  • Amy W.

    This would save time because my husband and three kids are in school and have to share one computer.

  • Monica

    If I won this laptop, I would give it to my mom. She is working on a laptop that cuts off as soon as it unplugs, constantly freezes, and does not function properly most of the time. It would save her so much time when she is working to have a laptop that functions properly. This would allow her to have some much-needed time for herself, which she never takes.

  • Janet

    The Lenovo notebook would help me save time because I could take it with me on the road and try to keep on top of all the email messages I get on a daily basis.

  • Jennifer

    we are currently packing to move 1300 miles… this would be So helpful in finding a new home, researching schools and everything!

  • This would save me a ton of time. My husband is on the road 5 days a week & I have a 4, 23 month old & 2 month old to care for. At least I could pick this up and bring it to the table at lunch time, or bed at night when I’m putting them to bed & I’m nursing the baby, or even the living room. Gotta make use of every little bit of time I have 🙂

  • Curtis

    My old laptop is so slow that anything newer will save time. I will also be able to use it to do my scheduling and make keeping track of day to day things easier and faster.

  • My laptop is primarily for gaming – so having one that is more work related so it won’t get burned out would help organize my life. And a laptop that isn’t huge would be much more manageable and portable!

  • Julie

    Starting back up at school again soon and I could def use this. I don’t have a laptop so this would be so wonderful. I could still be a mom on the go and get some work done! The best of both worlds 🙂

  • Actually, if I won I would give this to my stepson for school work. It would help him stay organized – a skill he needs to master now!

  • This would help my family out tremendously! My old laptop has had so many viruses and malware, it seems to be beyond repair & we don’t have the money to take it to get fixed. I lost my job a while back so this will help me with job searches..but I’ve also considered going back to school since this economy is so bad, so this would definitely help me with that as well. Also, the kids need something for their school projects and research. Thanks so much for this chance!

  • DarcyO

    This laptop would help me stay in touch with family, friends and keep up to date on the blogs I follow. Thanks for the chance!

  • Two of my kids are in high school and one is in middle school. They always have homework or a project going on where they need to use the computer. Having a new Microsoft Windows laptop would definitely help us out and save time for them.

  • Patricia

    As a busy mom I rarely have time for anything. It would help us save time by helping us be more organize and help the kids with their homework. Also I always wanted to go back to school. We use the public library to use the computer this would really help us all to save time and spend more time as a family together.

  • My husband uses an old laptop to run his business – he needs something fast to be more efficient!

  • Becky Cole

    I am a teacher and this laptop would help me save so much time because I could take it back and forth to work and home to plan lessons and make grading so much easier!

  • It would be extremely helpful in my job, teaching at a school. I often need to work from home to prepare for the next day, and a new laptop would be just the thing.

  • Anne Lehnick

    This laptop would help me save time because my laptop was stolen. Now I use the desktop which keeps me tethered to the computer on the desk in the office. I’d love to have the mobility you get from having a laptop again.

  • debbie jackson

    Wow, this would help me save time cuz we have to share our computer among all of us and this would give me time to enter giveaways
    debbie jackson, djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  • Sus

    This would save me time because it is probably much much quicker than my current one.

  • Stacey B

    This would help me save time as I could use it when we go away, instead of going on my phone which is obviously much slower than a PC. My entire family would get great use out of it!

  • ginette4

    It would help me get away from my desk, I’m now stuck on my home computer in the corner, would love to sit with my family while I surf the net.

  • Cindy Brooks

    I would give this to my grandson. Not only would it save him time, but also a lot of frustration. He is using an old laptop of mine and it is sooooo SLOW! He uses it for homework and also uses Photoshop. He would love the extra speed and to be able to get things done more quickly!

  • Winning the Lenovo G580 Notebook with Windows 7 would be the best thing to ever happen to me. I started blogging in April of this year and my computer is sadly dying, preventing me from being the kind of blogger I know I can be. It’s about 4 years old and is SUPER SLOW! Winning the Lenovo G580 Notebook with Windows 7 would literally change my life. I would be able to work faster at blogging with the super fast Windows 7 and the Cadillac of all computers, the Lenovo G580. I would no longer have to wait endlessly as a window loads. You know what I mean? The endlessly spinning circle. I sit and everytime I go to do something I whisper, Please, just one more time work. LOL I really do talk to my computer. Somehow I feel it works, at least some of the time. If I won this awesome prize, I would be able to continue to work on my dream of being a Successful Blogger. If I won it would save me so much time just because it would actually work and not freeze up on me as the one I have does now. I love to muti-task between windows which helps me save a lot of time. I keep my email open, my blog, my social media windows, my Google Calendar and whatever else I’m working on. Having a new computer I would be able to switch back and forth so much faster with a computer that would not freeze up when I try to do so many things at the same time. I also would love to try out all the extra’s that come with the Windows 7 program and I have heard so many great things about the Lenovo. Thanks for a great Giveaway! Good Luck Everyone!

  • Ysenia Ramirez

    I would give this to my daughter who just started college. This would help her save time doing her papers for school anywhere she needed to and not having to wait for our home computer.

  • HappyMomC

    This will help me and my husband save time as our new baby has arrived! This is so sleek and fast, it would save us a ton of time!

  • nakia george

    It will help me save time from having to go downstairs to my den to use my desktop. I could use this in bed and all over the house.

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    Having this new and fast laptop would mean that I could get my work done twice as fast as I do now. I could also take it with me when I travel and get work done then! Seeing as how my battery on my current laptop only last about 20 minutes on a full charge and then it dies 🙁

  • Crissy D.

    Owning the laptop would save me time because I would be able to take my computer with me, no more waiting until I get home to check email, or research something. It would also be a valuable tool for my children to use, it would help them with school, everyone would be happier, life smoother!

  • steph

    it would save me time because my computer is so old and slow! we’re having a baby this fall and i’d love a faster computer to upload baby pics to share with family 🙂

  • Jen L

    My husbands desktop is like 10 years old and is so very slow. If I won this for him he would be able to get things done much faster.

  • I work on my laptop, so having a new Levono laptop would help me get work done faster.

  • it will help me to access files faster and be super speedy on the internet as opposed to my current 5 year old laptop

  • soha molina

    I can use Hotmail’s Sweep feature to get rid of all of the email at once from an account that frequently spams

  • The Lenovo g580 notebook will help me save time by checking emails, paying bills, ordering school supplies and checking the kids homework online (along with reading blogs and tweeting) while waiting for dinner to come out of the oven or between laundry cycles! I love the portability! So convenient! Good luck to all. It is a generous and fabulous prize!

  • It would save time because it would be so much faster then my old laptop! Plus the battery would last a lot longer. It would be awesome!

  • Windy P.

    Having a laptop that could be used by the kiddos anywhere I need to park them for what I need to do would be a great time saver. That way they can use the computer supervised without interrupting what we need to get done! Not to mention we could use it wherever we needed to as well. Time saved all around!

  • Amanda

    I don’t know what it is about me, but every computer i’ve ever owned runs SO slowly! I don’t know if I’m not buying the right brand, or if I’m just being cheap, but I can never get one to run smoothly. My fastest internet source has been my phone. I use my phone more than my computer because I just get so frustrated from that omnipresent hourglass! Winning this laptop would be amazing! I would finally be able to tweet and blog using a real computer instead of my cell phone which is always glued to my hand! I need to break free from the phone (which is at low battery ALL THE TIME) and use a computer like normal people! It would save me so much time that I usually waste trying to upload something. Uploading pictures never works for me after trying tens of times. My current computer makes me want to pull my hair out! Plus, the Lenovo notebook is much sleeker and fashionable than my old box! Please help me ease my frustration! =)

  • Daiva

    I have an old desktop computer that takes about 20-30 minutes from turning it on until I can use it. It would save so much time because a new one would start up faster and would work better and allow me to multitask! I t would allow me to get so much done!.

  • nannypanpan

    my current computer takes forever to load so this would be A huge time saver
    [email protected]

  • Christine W

    It would save lots of time because I would not have to be at the desktop all the time and could move around the house. We could also use it to help with homework. Thanks for the chance, [email protected]

  • Sleepyheadedmom

    The Lenovo G580 Notebook would help me save time by being able to take it with me wherever I go. It would definetly be nice to take the computer outside but I am stuck here in front of my desktop.

  • rachel

    this computer would save me times in multiple ways. i would be able to do everything faster and i would be able to take it with me wherever i go. being able to work on the go would be a great asset

  • The Lenovo G580 Notebook would save me time because I write for a living. Instead of using my PC, I’ll be able to write on-to-go when i’m on the bus, waiting at the DMV, or waiting my turn somewhere else. It will also allow me to be more creative, because sometimes I get writer’s block when I’m confined to a chair in my den instead of outside in the park, or laying in bed. Now that I think of it, I could really use a laptop!

  • Stefanie Gladden

    owning the Lenovo G580 Notebook with Windows 7 would help me save time by having a great processor that makes it very fast and powerful!!

  • Deborah Merritt

    would save me time because I would enter all my dr. appointments and familys dr. appointments and I would get a computer reminder a few days before never miss an appt.
    I use to write down and keep on refrigerator.
    I want to be able to email my grandaugher who lives over 2000 miles away, we talk on Sundays.

  • Macey

    Oh wow, this would be amazing. Out dinosaur computer is struggling to survive. Recently moved across the country from family, this would be awesome to keep in touch with family.

  • Jennine

    I would be more than thrilled to win this! I need a new laptop in the worst way. We only have one laptop that we all (5 of us) share and my oldest daughter mostly uses it for school work. The kids are constantly fighting over it and outs is slow to begin with! It would save me the time having to break up the kids fights and maybe I would get to spend some time on it too!

  • Kenny F.

    I wouldn’t have to take turns with he kids 😀

  • Rick McClenthen

    Windows 7 contains Internet Explorer 9, which is the fastest and most secure internet browser available. I could save time by using to Windows 7 to securely pay my bills online with out having write out checks, balance the check book or drive to the post office to mail out the payments.

  • This Lenovo computer would help me save time because windows 7 is much newer and faster than windows xp. The computer I have is old from 2005 and could use an upgrade. It lags and the memory is quite full. It would also help because I could take it anywhere I go so wont have to wait to get home to use it. I can use it whenever wherever I choose.

  • sarah

    it would save me time because i could do all my giveaways on it

  • jeremy

    It would save me time by helping my wife do her surveys at night when we watch tv.

  • Cheryl W

    It would save me time by allowing my daughter to be able to play her games without using my computer.

  • Alan Tong

    I share a laptop with my sister and brother, but I prefer working on my own laptop. Many times I’m stuck using our family’s older desktop, which is very slow. If I won the Lenovo G580 Notebook with Windows 7, I could save time browsing the web, checking emails, chatting online, playing games, checking bills, paying bills, buying stuff online, working on school and work related projects, etc…. too many endless possibilities! Thank you so very much for the giveaway! Good luck to everyone entering!

  • It would allow me to do all of my online activities so much faster! I would be able to upload pics, complete blog posts, edit pictures, edit blog posts, engage my readers via social media much faster. Goodness the possibilities are endless, having a new laptop just makes everything easier when it comes to being online and conducting business professionally.

  • Michael

    I just decided to go back to school and this laptop would save me the trouble of using the school library to do my work. Our family computer does not have windows which makes it very difficult to do school work and I would be able to type my notes in class quickly instead of trying to keep up writing and listening. I’d be able to quickly research quickly and type papers wherever I am.
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  • Erika

    It would help me a lot especially since I’m currently taking 3 online college classes. Also, my family and I share this desktop computer which sometimes takes about half an hour to about an hr to turn it on. So, if I did get to win this then it’d be a big help for me, but if not then congrats to the winner.

  • Kimberly B.

    This laptop would save me so much time with its features and portability.
    My laptop is old and is really slow. The Lenovo laptop would allow me to get things done at a much faster speed than what I have now.

  • My home computer is slower then slow – I can about guarantee I would be more efficient and faster in everything I have to do if I had a fast laptop!

  • Michelle Small

    Owning a Lenovo G580 Notebook would help me save so much time with work and at home. Would be able to have on-hand help when needing directions or information from web while working. It would also allow me to get online more often with an extra computer at home…with six of us and kids needing to be online more often for school work I am often left out of online time.

  • Winning this Lenovo G580 Notebook would save SO much time! My husband and I are both in school we only have one laptop, so one of us is without and sometimes have to drive to the lab to complete homework. It would help me save time by not driving and also help by letting me take Online classes!! I’m ready to get this Bachelor’s done so I can start Grad school!

  • Melody A

    This would help my family save so much time, between my daughter, husband, and I we only have one computer! Maybe we could stop driving eachother crazy!

  • michelle d

    This would help me so much with going back to school.

  • Shaun Crane

    This would replace an outdated laptop and allow me to increase my productivity,

  • Diane

    My 10 year old son and I share the computer. This would save me tons of time because I won’t need to fight over the computer with him! It would be great to work on my blog when I need to.

  • Meghan Finley

    It would allow me to retreat away from the desktop and find some seclusion away from the toddler who always wants to play on the puter

  • Sadie

    This laptop would allow me to work anywhere my kids are playing. I would love to be able to work outside.

  • It will help me to reorganize everything during the “back to school time” My maptop is so slow , not too old but I use it a lot. I would so much win a Lenovo .

  • Star S

    I’m needing to stay more connected while working, starting a business and raising a family and this notebook would be such a God-send. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  • Right now my kids share a laptop for homework. Now that my daughter’s in high school and my son’s in middle school homework has grown exponentially. So has the frustration over who needs the laptop more urgently. Winning this laptop would save both time and feuding; kids could get their homework done simultaneously, get to bed earlier and no fighting!

  • Our teenage boys are constantly negotiating (yes I’m being kind) over time on the one computer we have for them to both share. Winning this laptop would be a huge gift for them to cut down on home work time. So much of high school homework involves an online component to visit teacher and school websites and resources it always leaves one of the boys in a lurch while they wait for the other to be done. Thanks for hosting ~ my fingers are crossed!

  • I would be more productive with a faster computer. Mine is terribly bogged down!

  • Cassandra

    Owning a Lenovo G580 Notebook with Windows 7 will definitely help me since I am about to begin university next week and I have not yet saved enough money to buy one. Thanks for the opportunity. I’d be so grateful to win this.


    This Lenova Laptop would really save me time because my son and I both share the same pc and it would make it so much more easier if I had my own. The hinge on the one we use now is broken and it actually is a hazard because where it’s broken there are wires that are exposed so we have to be extra careful when we use it. Really would be a God send to win, as we cannot afford to buy one right now. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway and chance to win.

  • Tosha P

    Currently, I do not own a laptop. Only a desktop. So, being able to use it anywhere would save me a tin of time. I could work from anywhere. That would be perfect!

  • Sue

    A laptop would be so helpful with my oldest starting middle school. We wouldn’t be competing for computer time!

  • Christine Pagan

    I would love to win this laptop I think it would help me organize all my pictures, email correspondence and perhaps start a blog of my own!

  • This laptop will help me tremendously by organizing my pictures, music and managing my monthly budget!

  • Kelly P.

    Most of my jobs have an online or computer component so being able to do work anywhere, would make my downtime more productive (i.e. time waiting between appointments or pick-ups). Having to go home to do work often eats chunks of valuable time so this would really help make the most of non-family time.

  • Jennifer pope

    I have a one month old and having this new laptop would save me so much time organizing pictures, feedings, wet diapers, thank you notes, you name it! It would also help me look up answers to my million questions I have about babies (since this is my first). Thank you!

  • Jennifer

    I have 3 teenagers….PLEASE!! We need a laptop!!

  • Christina Z

    Winning this laptop would help save me time because my screen is cracked and slow as a snail. I would be able to multitask and tweet while I email, work on a school project etc. Thank you for the chance.

  • Katie Kimes

    OMG!!!!! I would LOVE this! I have a 3yo who is ready to start preschool and a laptop means I can do online classes. I’m currently only mobile and no preschool games on here. But a computer can help me and my daughter learn. Plus I can finally create her baby book since she doesn’t have one. Plus my husband wouldn’t have to stay so late at work because he could do paperwork here! I want it soooo much. Please read and consider me! 🙂 Thank you for your time

  • Kimberlee

    This would helpe save time by recording my children’s schoolwork at night when my husband is using our computer.

  • For sure, the Lenovo G580 Notebook would save me a great deal of time that I currently spend on babying and restoring my current desktop. I never know from day to day if it will boot or not. To be free of a desktop would be heavenly.

  • Judy

    Winning this laptop would certainly save me the time it takes to referee the arguments my 3 kids have over who gets to use the computer next – another computer means fewer fights 🙂 I hope….

  • Antoinette Yagy

    The Lenovo Notebook would help me save time because I could scan and organize all the art my daughter has drawn over the years. Plus I could put all my banking on it and catergorize it for tax time so I would not have to go through all the receipts

  • Margaret B

    I would live this to keep in touch with my grandkids who all live out of state.

  • Jason J

    This notebook would help me save time by using the sweeps feature to save emails from books and other media that I sell online. I sell books online to help ends meet and with this feature I could have emails from customers easily accessible. It would also help with lesson planning by allowing me to take my plans from work to home on the notebook and not have to stay at work late to get them completed!

  • jeannine s

    I would be able to do banking online easier, spend less time paying bills and shop online instead of stores to save time

  • Owning the Lenovo G580 Notebook with Windows 7 will help save time because my current laptop is slower than slow! It takes so long to just even turn on and boot up. This would be great because I could use it for my home business!

  • Diane Perkins

    Owning the Lenovo Notebook would help me save time because I am currently using my cellphone as my main internet device. I have over 12,000 emails that I don’t have the time or patience to delete one by one, and it keeps growing….

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Miriam Pilgrim

    I I won the laptop, I would use it to balance my checkbook, create a budget, keep appointments, grocery lists, and I’m sure some other things–maybe keep track of my hubby’s honey-do list

  • wendy fortier

    too keep track of all the photos I take and portable

  • amy

    If I won this laptop I would be able to organize my work and my writing. I would also be able to travel with it and stay connected throughout the workday using wireless internet. I hope I win!

  • Melanie C

    The Lenovo G580 Notebook would save me a great deal because I can bring it with me everywhere I go. At home I only have a desktop computer. I would love to bring this to the coffee shop, or the park with my four little boys. This would also be neat to bring when we go out to restaurants so the boys could watch a movie while we wait to be seated.

  • Bethany

    I have been needing a laptop since starting my own business to help raise money for our international adoption. I have not gotten one for the same reason, saving money for our adoption. I could get so much done if I didn’t have to wait until I could use my husbands!

  • I’m doing more and more video posts and my old laptop just doesn’t have the memory or processing power I need.

  • Evon D.

    Owning this Lenovo G580 Notebook with Windows 7 will help me save time by allowing our family to take care of so many tasks in one place. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Oriana mommyhoodsdiary

    Omg! This will make my life so much easier. my laptop broke and I could not buy a new one yet for economic reasons. I’m working from an old one and is a nightmare. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Erica Best

    My laptop is older new and get really slow i would love to speed up shopping and reading email.

  • I have almost maxed out the space on my laptop! This would help me save time because I am sure it would run faster 😉

  • The Lenovo G580 Notebook with Windows 7 would help me save by just operating faster then my current computer. I blog and am on social media a lot as well as take care of finances on the computer and this would be amazin!

  • Susan Holloway

    Oh the speed would be quicker than my old laptop. I love to multi-task and have several windows open at a time. Also, I could have one laptop at my office and one at home and not have to carry them back and forth. This would save wear and tear on my computer and extend the life of it.

  • Beth Drummonds

    It would be an upgrade to a 6 yr old laptop that is sooo slow.. I am doing some work building a pinterest page for lady and it’s taking forever! Being unemployed this would be a blessing to help me make money for my family!

  • Shawn

    I could retire my 11 year old laptop and have something that is faster than snails.

  • This would save me time because ours takes forever to kick on or notice someone is trying to use it.

  • Jane

    This would help my family greatly. Husband, 2 in collage, 1 high school junior, 1 in kindergarten. Homework would be done much faster, no one would have to wait.

  • Jennifer Lemke

    I would save time with this computer because of it’s fast speed that is for sure. My current computer eats my time seconds at a time.

  • brian spratt

    I have a slow mini laptop and this would be fast for games and facebook i love youtube but it alway move so so slow on my laptop.

  • This laptop will save me lots of time by not going to the library so much since my 2yr old daughter made my own laptop fall on the floor and screen cracked 🙁 will love to be able to print things And continue to look for jobs in my career field … Fingers crossed :)this will make my life so much easier..

  • Andrew Hall

    I would be able to find low airfares to fly to San Diego and see my son and his family

  • Ronnell

    This will help me in many ways with my Job since I work from home and with the computer I have is alot slower and outdated. Will love to have a great computer before the holidays come..

  • Tina R.

    This beauty would save me time creating memories for my kids. I recently bought some digital scrapbooking software, to digitally create albums documenting my kids lives, but our old laptop can’t handle the software and runs sooooo slow! This new computer would speed up the process and help me to capture precious memories!

  • Lorene Desjardins

    I am a teacher so, owning the lenovo notebook would help me save time in so many ways. The laptop I have now does not have a working battery so, I have to stay plugged in whenever I work. The port for the flash drive also does not work. I think my 6 year old jammed something into it although she won’t confess. I could use a Lenovo notebook to get so much of my paperwork and yearly reports done in more of a timely manner. I would also be so thrilled to have a working flash drive port to save my information.

  • Winning this would save me time because my current computer is so slow. I would love to be able to pass this one on to my husband and get something new. 🙂

  • Shawn

    I just received the computer in the mail yesterday. It is amazing. I just wanted to thank you and Microsoft for this wonderful prize. Thank you so much, my family really appreciates it more than you will ever know.

  • Trent Colwell

    Fast coupon searches !

  • this would make my life a lot easier and help me with getting my degree that i desperately want.