Memorable Last Day of School Traditions


My kids, like many across the country, are counting down the days to summer vacation. We’re wrapping up end of year projects, finishing up testing, and making plans for the lazy days of summer. The kids have worked hard all year and we’re excited to celebrate their growth and accomplishments, especially this year, was we have one wrapping up his last year of elementary school.

Our school year always ends with a last-day party in the classroom, but we like to keep the fun going at home and are working on plans to say farewell to the school year and kick off the summer. The last of school can be a bit of a roller coaster, so I’ve come up with some ideas to help my kids (and yours) make the last day memorable.

  • last day traditions CollageStart with a special breakfast – Just like the first day of school, kids need to start the last day off right! Make a special breakfast to end the school year on a high note, just like you started it. Plus, you’ll know that they have at least one decent meal for the day if they’re in a school who has class parties on the last day.
  • Create a last day t-shirt – In our school, each class makes tie-dyed tees for field day in their “class color” so our kids wear those on the last day and have friends sign them. If not, it’s easy to use iron-on transfers or fabric paint to create a fun shirt that can be signed in sharpie by friends for a memento of the school year.
  • Bring in a treat for the class – For the last day, our classes have always had parties for the kids to end the year. Check with your teacher to see what the plan is and bring in something special! As we’re in a district that still allows homemade treats, I’ve been doing homemade ice cream for the last few years. The kids who have been in class with my kids before always ask excitedly if I’m coming in on the last day.
  • Create a fun welcome home – Create banners, decorate the car with window paint or fill the house with balloons! Let the celebration begin the minute they walk out the doors of school or step off the bus. Plan a fun dinner and movie or other activity for the evening and make it a family night.
  • Head out on a surprise overnight outing – Though we couldn’t coordinate our end of year overnight with the last day of school, we always celebrate the successful completion of the school year with an overnight at a semi-local amusement park of some kind. It’s even more fun when you can pick them up and surprise them with packed bags to head out on a trip!

No matter what you do, have a great summer! Rest up and get recharged for the next school year. It’ll be here before you know it!

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