Meet the Family Eden Site Warming Panelists

Tomorrow night we will be Site Warming a social networking site, so why not Tweet with some genius panelists who are using Social Media effectively in their own lives? Let’s meet this extraordinary panel:

Kelby Carr, @typeamom: Kelby is not only the mother of three beautiful children, but she is also a search engine genius, a social media maven, and a professional writer/site owner with a background in journalism. If that doesn’t make her a fabulous panelist, then how about this – she constantly reinvents the way we use online media to learn and grow, and she is known for taking other stay-at-home moms with her to the top. Referring to Twitter as a “mom brain trust,” she always throws opportunities to her Twitter friends first. Many of her staff of writers and editors at Type-A Mom met Kelby on Twitter! Please follow @typeamom and join us Friday night to learn from one of Twitter’s best resources.

Rebecca Buscemi, @rbuscemi: Rebecca is the owner of Creative Virtual Office. She is a work at home mom who started her own Virtual Assistance business in July of 2008. Starting her own business is something that happened sort of out of the blue for Rebecca, but she is loving every minute of it! She is a busy mommy who takes on a lot, but she still has time for her family and friends – including all of us on Twitter! A rising star, Rebecca will share with us what she has learned so far working in this virtual world. Learn more about Rebecca on her Blog, Cup of Java Mama.

Latoicha Givens, @luxetips, @IPLAW101: Latoicha is a mom-preneur who is excited to share with us her secrets to online success! As the owner of Luxetips, Latoicha shares how every woman can live the luxe life regardless of occupation or budget. Latoicha also writes on her law blog, Phillips Givens Law. As her site says, Latoicha is the founder and a member of the firm Phillips Givens, LLC. Her practice includes represention of start-ups, small, and mid-sized businesses in intellectual property matters, specficially, trademarks, copyrights, and new media licensing issues. If you’ve ever wondered about the legal issues that must be dealt with when working online, Latoicha is the woman to ask!

Shannon Davis, @sdavis: If you are a SAHM/WAHM, then Shannon is a lady worth getting to know! Her gorgeous site, Beyond Motherhood, connects women looking for flexible work opportunities with businesses looking to hire moms! Shannon Davis sees as a launching pad for women who want more than the title “mom”. As a mother of two, she knows that being a mom is a wonderful job, but sometimes you find yourself needing more. You enjoy having tea with your daughter and her stuffed animals or playing tag with your son, but also yearn to have interaction in the business world or just make some extra income. Shannon had more to offer, and so did her friends. From her perspective, there had to be something Beyond Motherhood (hence the name of the site). Unable to find what she was looking for and recognizing there was a real demand from women and employers, Shannon created This organization affords women the opportunity to have the best of both worlds- raising a family and utilizing their business skills with flexibility in mind while offering employers an untapped resource. Learn how Shannon has utilized social media, especially Twitter, to build her own success while bringing other moms along for the ride!

Kim Dushinski, @KimDushinski: Kim has been in marketing for over 20 years with a specific focus on internet marketing and mobile marketing (how to make your blog mobile friendly, starting a text message campaign and more). She has worked at home since 2006, and before that she ran a small office with staff of eight people. She will be tweeting with us about the transition of working out of the home to building a business within the home. As the author of the upcoming book, The Mobile Marketing Handbook, I’m sure that Kim will have fabulous information to share with us at the party! Learn more about Kim at Mobile Marketing Profits or Mobile Marketing Handbook.

Special Guest, Megan Calhoun, founder of Twittermoms! Ever wonder about the genius mom mind behind the creation of your favorite Twitter website, Twittermoms? Join us at the Site Warming Party and watch for special tweets from @twittermoms, Megan Calhoun. Because of family obligations, she will just be stopping in from time to time, so get your questions ready and watch for her!

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