MB2.0 – Are You a Hybrid Mommy Blogger?

Last summer I wrote a post that came back to bite me a few times about bloggers and their relationship with members of the public relations field. Some of you will remember the PR black-out brouhaha, but what you may not know is how much incredible support I received in e-mails and Twitter messages about this concept of a Hybrid Mommy Blogger. I wanted to find a way to define what I do in the face of so much backlash towards moms working with companies not only in their sidebar ads, but in their content, their conference appearances, their live.

I thought it was important to take this conversation about mixing personal and professional blogging to the next level by proposing a panel topic at BlogHer 2010. If our topic is chosen, Lori Falcon from A Cowboy’s Wife and I will lead the following discussion:

MB2.0 – Hybrid Mommy Bloggers: Working with brands to build a business without losing yourself

“As the battle quietly raged this year between the journal bloggers and the “PR Friendly” button wearers who get just as big a thrill learning and blogging about the best new thing as we do blogging about the crazy experience we just had with our children on the playground after school, a distinct group of bloggers emerged…

Mommy Blogger Hybrid – MB2.0 – available now everywhere blogs are read.

MB 2.0 blogs about her life, her kids, her family…the products she loves, the products she’s trying, and the products she’s giving away to her readers. For many of us this is a natural fit. We were already e-mailing other moms to tell them how much we loved our Graco strollers and going on local Yahoo forums to find out if anyone could recommend the best diaper. Bringing this aspect of our lives online along with the proud mama, angry wife, motivated woman ramblings just comes naturally.

If your blog blends the personal and the professional – or if you’d like it to – join us to discuss how to monetize beyond links and ads without sacrificing your personal brand and authentic voice. Discussions will be led by Amy Lupold Bair (Resourceful Mommy, Global Influence) and Lori Falcon (A Cowboy’s Wife, My Wooden Spoon).”

If this is a panel that you think should be chosen for this year’s BlogHer Conference, please let the folks at BlogHer know by doing the following:

1. Go to www.BlogHer.com and sign-in (creating an account is free if you do not already have one)

2. Go to the list of Room of Your Own topic proposals.
3. Click on the MB2.0 proposal

4. Choose “I Would Attend This Session”

Thank you for your support, and hopefully we’ll be discussing this topic this summer in NYC!

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