March for Babies – Just Days Left to Help!

Those of you who have been reading for more than a year may remember the pictures from Team Emma’s March for Babies experience last year. We had an absolutely stunning day, and the event meant so much more because for the first time we talked to our preemie about those who never came home from the NICU. Emma always knew we were helping “sick babies like her,” but she also learned that we were hoping to prevent grieving families like those holding each other all around us at the start of the race, pictures of tiny feet or hands on their shirts, pain still weighing heavily on their hearts.

Last year I also launched a social media experiment to see if my new found “reach” into the parenting community translated into fundraising power for my favorite charity.

It did not.

In fact, last year I had more difficulty raising money than I had the year before despite the fact that I reached out to tens of thousands more people.

This year I would like to change that. With four days left until the walk, can you dig deep and contribute even just $5 to Team Emma?

– Learn more about how to contribute.

– Read about why we walk.

– Find information on how to help your local March of Dimes.

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