Mamavation Monday…on Tuesday: Shrinking Blogger

This year’s BlogHer Conference was outstanding, just like the previous two BlogHers I attended.  I met with clients, made new connections, and enjoyed the occasional pampering that made me forget for just a moment that my feet ached from walking miles each day in adorable and not-at-all sensible shoes.  But there was something different and wonderful for me this time around.

Every year before BlogHer, I shop for cute new clothes and shoes so that I look my best, and while I’m always confident that my clothes look good, this year I was confident that I looked good.

I felt like the Incredible Shrinking Blogger.

My weight has not changed for the last four weeks.  In fact, I stopped just short of losing twenty pounds and then hit a frustrating plateau.  However, my body continues to change even though the numbers on the scale haven’t budged. My arms and back feel strong.  My legs are almost unrecognizable to me.  My shoulders are powerful.

I was so fortunate to spend time with my dear friend Molly Gold from GO MOM! this weekend, and someone used Molly’s phone to snap this fun photo of us at an evening event.

Molly and I are lucky enough to see each other in person several times a year, but when I saw this photo from Thursday night, my first thought was of our time together in Washington, DC, in January.  Yes, it was the winter so I was bundled up in a heavy coat.  And yes, the picture is blurry with snow falling all around us.  But I almost don’t even recognize the person standing next to Molly in this picture.  That just isn’t me anymore.

I am so grateful for the support from my amazing friends as I’ve worked on this continuing transformation, especially Leah and the other women of the Mamavation Sistahood.  A few of us bumped into each other at a party Friday night at BlogHer, and Leah took this picture of us, which I admittedly hijacked from her Twitter stream. I am just so proud of what we’re all becoming, and so thankful that Leah is in our lives.  Look at the progress that not only I have made, but also @gutimom @momma_oz and @ninemoremonths:

I can’t wait for the next conference to see the changes we’ve all made by then!

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  • I loved loved loved meeting you and you look fantastic!!!

    I cant wait to see you again! Hopefully sooner rather than later! Super proud of you!

    • Thank you! I couldn’t be doing this without the online support I’m receiving.

  • I know exactly what you mean. I look at pictures from just months ago and barely recognize myself. It’s an amazing feeling and I’m so glad you get to experience it as well!

    • Seriously, this is better and more addicting than a drug or, happily, chocolate!

  • You look amazing Amy!!! But the most important part of that recipe along with all the hard work and shrinking body parts is you SHINE from within ~ your joy is contagious and that my dear ~ is the measure of the woman! And dude ~ who is the woman behind the curtain of curls?? =)

    • Molly, I LOVE your curls, but you also look amazing and sophisticated with those silky sleek locks of yours. So happy to have had some time with you again and can’t wait to see you in NYC next month!

  • I know I said this plenty of times over the weekend, but since I know how awesome it is to hear, it bears repeating – you look amazing!

  • That picture of you and Molly is fantastic! I love reading posts like this. You’re motivating me to get my ass in gear and make the positive changes I need to make.

    • I love that we all motivate each other in this online world.

  • So exciting! Keep up the amazing work. How you feel is so much more important than the number on the scale.

    I am SO proud of you.

    • And it gives me more energy to give away stuff at Twitter Parties! Win win! 🙂

  • HELL YES you are shrinking, girl!!! Keep kicking ass and taking names, sweetheart!

    • Looking at your pictures on FB was one of my inspirations to get started, Lisa! I have only ever known rockin’ hot Lisa and am hoping that the people I meet down the road will only ever know fit and healthy Amy. Thank you!!

  • You look so great! Self-esteem makes everything brighter, right :)?

  • You look fabulous these days Amy! Not that you weren’t totally wonderful before, but I truly see the changes. Not only physically but you seem much more self-confident in your appearance too!

    • Robyn, yes, I can feel myself walking taller. I love it.

  • I so enjoyed reading how proud you are of yourself! It is rare for us to stop and applaud ourselves… I just wanted to give you an additional “atta girl” Keep up the good work!!!

    • Becky, isn’t that the truth!? It’s so important that we’re able to acknowledge that we’re working hard and enjoy it. Feeling good is my new reward for hard work instead of a meal out or a chocolate something. And feeling good has much fewer calories 😉

  • Congratulations on your hard work and new body. I certainly need to step away from the computer and shake my booty a bit more! I really enjoyed your talk on professionalism. It was fun, informative and the hour passed quickly! I was only able to make one day of BlogHer. I’m happy to say that I picked the right day!

    • Laura, thank you not only for attending our session, but also for the great write up on your blog! While public speaking is always fun for me, it’s only really rewarding if I know someone received something from attending. It was so great to hear your feedback.

  • You really do look fabulous Amy!! Loved your session at BlogHer too!!