Mamavation Monday Update

It’s Mamavation Monday and I’m excited to share my progress so far while I also update my goals.

When I pledged to start this journey two weeks ago, my goals were the following:

1. No more night time snacking

2. More movement

3. More accountability

These goals weren’t bad, necessarily, but they didn’t involve the steps I really needed to begin to make some real changes in my life.  I toyed around with trying to make changes that week, but then the Twizzlers Roadtrip put me back where I’ve always been, relaxing with my feet up, enjoying a bar of chocolate.  Yeah.  The whole bar. (Really)

So at the beginning of last week I decided to do more than just try to eat less. Through chats with other Mamavation moms on Twitter, I learned that I was actually not eating enough food, and I was not eating the right foods. I rarely eat meat, so protein intake has always been an issue for me.  I’m also very addicted to carbohydrates, and certainly go over my recommended daily carbs, well, daily.

Tuesday was a fail for me with the wrong foods and not nearly enough of them, but Wednesday I was a new woman.  My daily calorie goal is 1200 with a proper balance taken into account, not just the overall number of calories.  I log my daily food intake as well as my exercise at, and as I continue to exercise, the site reminds me to eat more of the things my body needs, like protein. I love how easy it is to stay on track with this system of accountability right there on my computer screen, and it really challenges me to think creatively about sources of protein. Right now my favorite protein packed food is Greek yogurt, but I’m going to try to add in more super foods like edamame and quinoa (feel free to leave your recipes in the comments below!).

So where am I after five days of working out, eating properly (NOT just less), and tracking both daily?

I’m down four pounds.

More importantly, I feel fantastic. I feel stronger.  I feel energized.  I feel motivated.  And I know I’m soon going to feel transformed.

So now I’m going to set new goals, specific goals that I plan on knocking out:

1. Lose ten pounds by the time I go to the Type-A Conference on June 22nd.

2. Continue to find new ways to work out and add more nutritious foods into my daily diet.

3. Enjoy the ten pounds of lost weight and then continue to work on losing the next ten before the BlogHer Conference at the start of August.

What are you doing today to feel better and live a healthier life?

Written by: Amy

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