Mamavation Monday: A New Point of View

Last week I stopped by the grocery store for bubble bath for the kids. I had no idea where the bubble bath was located.  Not only do grocery stores change the location of items what seems like daily, but there’s seemingly no rhyme or reason to the placement.  Rosemary next to the cilantro but basil in the tomato section?  So where does one start to look for bubble bath?  I’ll tell you where it wasn’t – the soap aisle.

Eventually I found it in the baby section – where, for the record, they sell baby food, soap, pacifiers,  and not actual babies – which was interestingly next to the “diet” section.  I think that most adult women know this section well.  At one time or another, we’ve all lingered there. Nutrition bars?  Shakes?  Meal suppressants?  At other points in my life I would have slowed my roll when I got to this section, looking at the boxes with their shiny claims and dramatic results, considering trying some magic potion.

Today, I pushed my thinner, stronger shoulders back, stood a little taller in my three sizes smaller pants, and kept walking.  I did this with hard work and the support of the Mamavation Sistahs, and it felt good.  I’ve stopped believing that some magic potion would give me that jump start I needed or get me to the next smaller size, that next number on the scale.  I’ve learned that I can do this with time and work, accountability, support of the people around me.

It was great to walk down that aisle with a new point of view.

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  • And I have to say that you are rocking that three sizes smaller pants nicely.

    You go girl.