Mamavation Monday: Holiday Lazies

Despite my best efforts to keep moving with daily walks, I have found myself slipping into the holiday lazies, especially when it comes to what I’m eating.  For some reason, there is something about a decorated Christmas tree and a fire in the fireplace that makes me think I need a bowl of popcorn in my lap.  I know from the work I did from June to November that I can actually enjoy watching a movie with my husband without food being involved.  Yet somehow the fact that it looks like Christmas exploded all over my house has made healthy, sensible eating more difficult.

I set new goals in October, and quite frankly, I have only reached one of them.  I lost five pounds before heading to Los Angeles, but I haven’t lost any weight since then.  In fact, I’ve been walking daily in order to keep from gaining weight.  As for the biking and swimming, I cannot get myself to do it.  The bike is hanging in the garage, ready to go.  The waterproof MP3 is inviting me to go swim a few laps while listening to my favorite running music.  But all I really want to do is sit by the fire and listen to Christmas music while I work.

I need a kick in the butt.  Today a new Mamavation 2 Week Challenge is beginning with @Bookieboo and @MrBookieboo and I think I may just do it. The idea of adding more into these very busy weeks leading up to Christmas is frightening, but maybe that’s what I need.  Because right now?  Right now I’ve got a bad case of the holiday lazies.

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  • Do it. We can commiserate on how Leah is trying to kill us.

  • Well, I can relate to your feeling…

    I have been feeling the same over the past weeks, but I have found that swimming is excellent exercise and since I have an enclosed pool, it allows me to swim year-round!

    It’s great, but now I have no excuses. 😉

  • You are so not alone! The holiday lazies get me too. And there is SO MUCH to get done during the holidays! I hope you do join the challenge – I know I could always stand to lose weight before the holidays (and ok anytime).

    Oh – and I think the saying that I always heard was starve a cold, feed a fever!