Love Your Veggies™ Lunch Break for Schools

As a member of the Hidden Valley Ranch Parenting Panel, I am happy to announce this week’s launch of the Lunch Break for Schools program.  With fundraising events happening all week throughout the country, the Lunch Break for Schools program is partnering with celebrity chefs to help promote healthy eating habits and proper nutrition among children by supporting the Chefs Move to Schools program.

Along with Cat Cora, the program’s national spokesperson, events will feature an impressive list of top tier chefs across the country, including:

Want to participate?  Find which one of the nearly seventy events around the country is closest to you with the location finding tool.

Even if there is not an event near you, you can still get involved!  Individuals can register to hold a fundraiser at a favorite restaurant, school or business.  Chefs can also register to host a participating event, and donations from individuals are also being accepted.  You can also learn more about the White House-recommended school lunch guidelines, which each participating chef will follow as they prepare and sell healthy lunches as part of this campaign.

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