Let’s Have a Little Fun…

I want you to meet somebody. I have only known him since August, but in a couple of weeks we’re moving in together. I have to be honest. He’s not my type. I think I only dated one blonde guy in all of my vast dating experience and quite frankly, that didn’t end well. And surfers? Let’s just say I like to stick to land locked locales when I’m scoping out guys. I hate salt water, the endless horizon at the beach kind of freaks me out, and I’m not a big fan of wearing a bathing suit in public. And yet here I am. About to spend my days with this guy.

At the end of the month we are closing on our new home, and one of the biggest selling points was the incredible care the current owners took with the house. The trim is vinyl wrapped, the gutters empty into underground chambers, the windows have a special coating to cut down on heating and cooling costs….incredible. They are also enthusiastic decorators with a penchant for paint. And themes. Lots of themes. Now those of you looking to purchase a home know that if you find a home that needs nothing more than a few coats of paint, you are golden. What you may not know is that painting over murals is quite a bit more expensive than painting over a solid wall. And there are a few murals in our new home.

And that brings us to this guy. Moving isn’t cheap, the house we’re buying isn’t cheap – heck – life isn’t cheap.  We’ve come to the decision that painting over this surfer dude is simply not in the budget, possibly for quite some time. So here we are…moving in together.  An unlikely group about to cohabitate.

And here’s the fun part!  I think it’s important that we give this guy a name, so I’m asking for your help.  I’m going to let YOU name him!  In the comments section below, please give our surfer dude a name. After all, I’m going to need to know what to say when I complain about him for the next several months…

A close-up has been requested….I think his left leg may have been injured in a shark attack…

Written by: Amy

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