LeapFrog Tag Junior Product Review

There is a new man in my life. I love to hold him and listen to him tell me stories, and I especially love that unlike his big brother, he fits easily into my son’s three year old hands…

Meet the Tag Junior.

My family’s relationship with LeapFrog began very early with Farmer Tad and his fun fridge magnets, and some of the first early learning my children experienced was with the LeapFrog LeapPad. Then last October at the BlogHerDC reach out conference, I won the Tag Reader.

My now five year old loves the Tag system, and we have used birthdays and Christmas to build her library. However, it was difficult for my then two and now three year old to hold the Tag Reader and use gentle hands on the books’ pages.

That is why the new Tag Junior is perfect for our family.

Tag Junior is made with two to four year olds in mind. His round, curvy body is easy to grasp and also very light weight. The chunky board books that work with the Junior are better for your child’s small hands and fine motor skill development than the thinner pages of the Tag Reader books.

Despite the changes, the Tag Junior still accesses the online LeapFrog Learning Path, providing you with fun printables and more! Learn more about the skills your child is developing with his Tag Junior and even monitor how long your child spends on each book.

The Tag Junior is for you if… you have a child four or younger in your home who has begun to appreciate books. There are more than 150 audio responses hidden within each book, so any child who enjoys interaction with their books (pop up books, lift the flap, audio button books) will love the Tag Junior.

Tag Junior is not for you if… your child does not yet sit still and look through books. Also, if your child is older than four, the level of learning found with the Tag Junior is no longer stimulating, so consider checking out the Tag Reader instead. Both are loved in my home.

To learn more about the Tag Junior or to purchase, please visit LeapFrog.com.

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