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The magic of Christmas is something that I have enjoyed for my entire life. I couldn’t wait until I could share the joy and excitement of the holidays with my own children, creating the belief that magical things happened while they slept on Christmas Eve. I look forward to Santa’s visits just as much as the kids do! Even Psychology Today says that fantasy and pretend are a healthy part of development for kids!

However, as the boys are getting older, with Keiron starting middle school this year and Devon in his last year of elementary school, their belief in magic and pretend is starting to wane. Neither has admitted that they no longer believe, but I am pretty sure the influence of friends and other media has them at least questioning whether Santa is real. Are they pretending for my benefit? I’m not sure, but I am always looking for ways to help them hang on to that magic for just one more year and have found that Package From Santa is a great resource!


Last year, they received boxes from, which contained some amazing items straight from Santa’s workshop. Check out all the fun you can find inside!

What makes so special and set apart from any other company is that THEY DO IT ALL! (Packages, letters, calls, and videos from Santa and so much more…) Every Package From Santa also comes with a FREE personalized video and phone call from Santa, which include:

  • Realistic, themed Phone Calls From Santa
  • 32 Personalized Messages to Choose From (Before Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Happy New Year, Any Time of Year, Accomplishment, Birthday, Excited to See You at The Mall, and more)
  • Personalized with Child’s Photo on Incoming Call Screen
  • Schedule the Date/Time of Each Call
  • Movie-Quality Personalized Videos From Santa
  • Multiple Storylines with Naughty/Nice Verdict
  • Featuring Your Child and The Real-Bearded Santa
  • Includes Your Child’s Name, Photos, Age and More
  • Custom and SAFE Delivery Method
  • Web-Based, iOS and Android APPS
  • NEW THIS YEAR – the phone call can be directed to a land line!

Take a look at the adorable videos that were made for my boys! They were so excited to see that there was something special just for them from the North Pole again this year. I think it will help keep their belief going just a bit longer!

Last night, they also received a phone call from Santa! Devon couldn’t stop grinning as Santa let him know that he was certainly on the nice list. Let’s hope it stays that way!

If your kids, like mine, need a little extra motivation to stay on their best behavior, Package From Santa also offers a FREE Nice List Guide. You can choose from a number of pre-written tasks or customize to your child’s particular challenges. Also, they can count down the days until Christmas with their FREE Christmas Countdown Calendar that includes your child’s picture!


There is still time to have a special package from Santa delivered and help encourage the magic of Christmas with your kids, big and little alike! Visit and get started! Our readers can use the code RED1829 at checkout to save 25% on their purchase!

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