It’s Still Summer. It Still Can Wait.

This post was sponsored as part of a compensated online campaign.  All opinions are my own.

My newsfeed on Facebook has started to fill up with sponsored content from advertisers pushing their back to school sales and products.  Commercials on TV urging parents to run to stores to buy notebooks and pencils have now replaced the fun in the sun messaging.

But the truth is that for most of us, this is still the focus of our kids’ daily lives…


They’re on the go with friends, meeting up for ice cream and baseball games and just hanging out, traveling from place to place in their cars, phones in hand.  While we’re talking to our kids about remembering sunscreen and curfews, we need to also remind them of the dangers of texting and driving.  Even though my kids have a few years until they’ll be behind the wheel, the It Can Wait conversation has already begun in our home.  For children their age, that means simply reminding them that it is never okay to text and drive and sharing age-appropriate videos like Demi Lovato pledging not to text and drive.

Older kids – teens already out there on the roads – may need a tougher reminder, one that may be hard for them to watch, difficult for us as well.  

The dangers of texting and driving are real.  So are the consequences.

As part of the AT&T It Can Wait blogger program, I’m going to be continuing to remind readers – and myself – about the importance of this program throughout the summer and as we do head back to school at the end of next month.  Videos like these from Demi and Chandler are important resources for parents, and other resources can be found online at

As you’re sending your teens out to enjoy the second half of summer, please remember to remind them that It Can Wait.




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