I Have a Crush on Sprig Toys

I first tweeted with Sprig Toys representatives in the weeks leading up to the Type-A Mom Conference last September. They were corporate sponsors, which right out of the gate made me like them. Any company – especially one on the smaller side – that invests in the mom blogging community deserves at least a second glance. Their company reps are also hilarious, nice, completely down-to-earth. For me, that was win number two. But still….I had to see their products to form a decision beyond “they hire nice people.” After all, nice doesn’t mean the kids will like it.

When I actually had a chance to try and see and touch Sprig Toys, I was blown away. I had the opportunity to test the Adventure Series because the speakers received a small sample product in their swag bags, and I won the drawing for the Dino Adventure Rig. My three year old went crazy over this toy to the point that he didn’t seem to mind that I had just been away for the weekend or care that I had returned. Two other products that particularly impressed me were the Discover Rig, which is an non-battery powered electronic toy that runs on kid power, and the Story Builders, which bring children’s stories to life in a very three-dimensional, tactile way.

I understand that I may have lost you at “non-battery powered electronic toy that runs on kid power,” but if you’re still with me, hang on because it gets better.

All of Sprig Toys products are kid-powered, even those with moving, electronic parts. They’re also made of eco-friendly Sprigwood, which is actually comprised of reclaimed wood mixed with recycled plastic. The result is this really amazingly textured material that is super kid-friendly and kid-safe.

Have you heard enough and would like to know where to purchase Sprig Toys? I’m fortunate enough to live in a town with an independent toy store that has already figured out how great Sprig Toys are and now stocks them just a couple of miles from my home! You could either move in with me to be near a Sprig Toys dealer, or you could choose one of the following options:

I’m sure that once you get to know Sprig Toys, you’ll fall in love, too. But just remember – I saw ’em first.

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