HP Envy 23 – Our Family’s Tech Solution

I have been an HP fan for a few years ever since I fell in love with the HP Vivienne Tam Mini.  I never bought the computer, but I did get the matching scarf!

Because even in my early days of blogging I realized that HP has a way to meet all of my technology needs, I did end up purchasing a pink HP Mini that continues to travel the world with me.  I use it to work on planes, trains, and automobiles, and it sits in front of me on podiums and tables when I’m speaking.  My cute little Mini seems to appear in just as many conference photos as I do!

Three years ago I realized that my desktop dinosaur was going to die and take all of my files with it, so I purchased the HP TouchSmart 600 for my office.  It is fantastic for everything from hosting Twitter Parties to flinging birds at pigs (yeah, touchscreen!), but because it is my work computer, it cannot also be used by my kids.  At ages eight and six, they are beginning to request more and more computer time for everything from locating the times for their favorite shows to playing on the educational websites they use at school to reading more information about the lessons they are learning in class.  While they definitely use my Mini, the time had clearly come for them to have access to a family computer with a larger screen and a permanent location in our home.

HP provided me with an HP Envy 23 All-in-One to experience as a family.  The screen size is incredible and easy on my kids’ eyes, the technology is perfectly adequate for their needs, but the best feature is the space-saving all-in-one design.

We have a no-tech in the bedroom rule in our home, which means no computers in the kids’ rooms.  Finding the right location for a family computer can be difficult, but the HP Envy 23 not only fits well in our kitchen or family room, but it also fits nicely on the work station in my office.  Now the kids can enjoy their computer time while I’m getting a bit of work done, and we can all spend that time together.  I feel so much better knowing that their technology time is well-supervised, but my office space hasn’t been diminished by another desktop computer.

Check out how we’ve incorporated the HP Envy 23 into our lives to meet our family’s technology needs:

Learn more about the HP ENVY 23 All-in-One PC

  • HP PCs can help students perform at their best, stay connected to their families and friends, and enjoy the school year more.
    • Is an ideal PC for consumers with kids headed back to school who need a sleek, powerful, space-saving all-in-one PC.
    • Offers powerful performance with a choice of Intel or AMD processor options for everyday computing tasks including homework.
    • Engineered for an enriched entertainment experience and comes standard with HP Magic Canvas, HP LinkUp, Beats Audio™, optional HDMI-in port, Blu-ray disc drive and TV tuner.
    • The HP ENVY 23 will be available now on www.hpshopping.com and starts at $949.99.

Product was provided for review. All opinions are my own.


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  • Thank you so much, I have been looking (for quite a while) at the HP Minis…I need something for blogging trips. Is it fast? (did you say and I missed that?). Thanks again for the info! Have a fabulous weekend 😀

    • It has certainly been fast enough for me! I don’t have a lot on it the way I do on my desktop computer.

  • Thank you! No, I wouldn’t either..but, need it fast for tweeting (oh my, do I tweet alot) and just other basic stuff(pinning anyone?. Thanks again for your time, @littleislandstu

  • Haha! Yes, I know..happily following you! I go days without FB. Wouldn’t think of it for Twitter though! lol

  • How do you find the experience typing on it? I was thinking of getting a mini as it is smaller and far easier to carry around but worried about the cramped typing space particularly if I was having to type longer pieces.

    • You definitely have to get used to having what I would call a smaller hand position while you’re typing. That’s why I need to have a desktop like the TouchSmart600 and the Envy 23 because I cannot work primarily on the Mini.

  • Thanks for the tip. I was also looking at the mac air for a solution, albeit more expensive. Seems really light and easy to carry around while still having a good keyboard size and power. Have you ever thought of the mac air’s?