How To Make Your Own Cookie Cutter

Next weekend my baby is turning four, and we will be celebrating with a Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman themed birthday party. When my daughter was born I launched a tradition of elaborate (crazy) cakes, but I have since come to my senses. The main character on Fetch! is a dog. Why not make dog bone cookies for the kids to ice and enjoy?

Only the party is next week and I could not find a dog bone cookie cutter.

To clarify, I could find many dog bone cookie cutters, but most of them were priced at less than a dollar…with $10 shipping not guaranteed to arrive in time for the big day. I decided to try to make my own cookie cutter, but wasn’t sure what material to use. A quick search around the web led me to a great material and off I ran to the kitchen to begin the process.

How to Make Your Own Cookie Cutter

– Draw straight lines on an aluminum tray or pan using a ruler then cut into strips: We always have pans such as this in our kitchen because I use them to take meals to new moms or sick friends. Someone is going to have to go without baked ziti because I sacrificed one 13 X 9 pan for this project! *be careful not to get cut on exposed edges*

– Carefully wrap the strips into the desired cutter shape: If you need to connect more than one strip, be certain that the bottoms are level and tape along the outside of the strip to hold in place.
My homemade dog bone cookie cutter…

Only time will tell if this process produces nicely shaped cookies, but I believe this is the beginning of many creative cookie cutters for my family!

What shape are you going to make?
Written by: Amy

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