How to Find Images for Your Blog

Last weekend’s Survey Saturday asked where you find the images you use on your site, and the overwhelming response was that you take your own pictures and create your own graphics.  While creating your own images is fun and may provide you exactly what you need, it is also time consuming not to mention frustrating when you are not able to create the look you wanted.  There are many places to find professional quality graphics and photographs for a nominal fee or even free.  Ready to make blogging a little easier?  Check out…


The professional quality photographs, graphics, and videos found at iStockphoto are available for as little as $.95 per image.  You can search by keyword and narrow your search by medium.  I use iStock to locate images for my posts at and have always found the process to be easy and the selection unrivaled.



Free foto is exactly what it sounds like…an image database that can be used to find free online images as well as those you can print and use in class projects and presentations.  Good stuff!

Looking for something a little less commercial and a little more artistic?  Search this site to find an image that fits the bill.

Microsoft Clip Art

While you cannot use the interesting graphics and spot-on photographs found in the Clip Art gallery for logos, you are welcome to use them for site graphics, header images, and even on your business cards!

Looking for new and relevant images for your cutting edge blog posts?  Try the millions of free pictures at this site.


Everyone’s old favorite, Flickr is the home to millions of user generated photographs, many of them with Creative Commons licenses that allow you to use them on your site and often even alter them before posting.  Be sure to search under the Creative Commons license appropriate to your intended use.


While the free version of Picnik is fabulous, I recommend the increased usability of the premium version, which I use to create most of my graphics.  Want to start with a blank canvas?  Simply save a white screen in Paint and upload that “picture” to Picnik to get started!


Want to make an image transparent for your blog header, but not ready to spend a fortune on software?  Head over to Gimp for free downloads that will do exactly what you need.

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  • Be sure to check out Pixosphere, too. Some free images available, and others are very affordable – all family friendly!

  • Thanks for sharing! I usually use istock and had heard of only one of the free sites you shared! Very good information!

  • Just found Picnik the other day….wished I had found it a long time ago! Would have saved many headaches!

  • Thanks for this terrific information! This is really helpful.

  • Thanks for all of the great info..I had not heard of a couple of those! Best of luck with your move!