Honkin’ Horns! Chuggington Viewing Party

Those of you who attended the Chuggington Sitewarming Party on Twitter know about Chuggington, the great show that debuted on Playhouse Disney at the beginning of the year.  I’ve heard from many of you about how much your children love to watch Chuggington and how excited you are for the Chuggington toys that are finally making their way to the United States.  While it seems that everyone has heard about Chuggington, I know there are still some families who have not found this wonderful show that is perfect for boys and girls, train lovers and those who have not yet fallen in love with trains.  To get the word out to everyone, I’m participating in the Chuggington Conductor program, hoping to introduce Resourceful Mommy readers to Koko, Wilson, Brewster and all of the trains in Chuggington.  I agreed to be a part of this program due in part to the overwhelmingly positive response I got after introducing my Twitter followers to Chuggington in January.  I also signed on with no hesitation because I believe Chuggington is a quality program that I feel good having my children watch.

To kick off my participation as a Chuggington Conductor, my son and I hosted several friends and their children for a Chuggington viewing party complete with coloring pages and conductor hats.  I was a little concerned that the kids would not watch the DVD because we began the morning as a playdate, the kids running from toy to toy in excited play.  It’s quite a feat to get eight kids to put down new-to-them toys and sit on the couch for what…a show they’re not sure they’re going to like?  But immediately that Chuggington theme song began and the kids sat silently watching.

Have you checked out Chuggington in your home?  Learn more about Chuggington including when you can catch it on Playhouse Disney!  Now we just need to get the Chuggington characters to show up on Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.  A mom can dream, right?

Coloring sheets, crayons, conductors hats, and theme song CD’s were provided at no cost to share with my guests.  I received no compensation for this event or program.  All opinions expressed here are, as always, my own.

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  • My son just loves Chuggington…wish we could find some Chuggington products in the stores!

  • My daughter loves Chuggington. I prefer it over other shows on Playhouse Disney… now, if that channel can get their weekend lineup to consistently work with my schedule — ahh, a mom can dream!

  • Andy

    My Son Luuuuuvs Chuggington. He is only a year and a half so it is his first favorite show. He mostly loves the theme song I think. I read that you gave out free theme song cd’s. I have been serching google, do you know where I could by this cd or download some songs for his christmas present? Thanks

  • My son is 18 months old and loves this show. He dances to the theme song too. Even my husband likes to sit down and watch it with him. We are currently in the UK so we had heard of Chuggington a bit earlier. Such an adorable show!