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I just took a long, hard look at my June calendar. With only a week of school remaining, I’m looking forward to leisurely starts to our days and afternoons at the pool. Unfortunately, getting through the next half a month is going to be an incredible challenge with end of year concerts, recitals, and special events. By the time we come up for air, half of June will be gone.

That’s why it’s so important to pause now and acknowledge that June is Home Safety Month. As you know from past posts here on Resourceful Mommy, I’ve been working with the folks at Kidde to make my own home more safe for my family. Not only am I now more aware of the steps required to make my own home more safe, but we’ve worked together as a family to make the following changes:

–          Create and practice a fire escape plan

–          Install additional Kidde Worry-Free smoke alarms

–          Install Kidde Worry-Free carbon monoxide alarms

–          Add additional fire extinguishers

–          Place fire safety ladders in upstairs bedrooms

Before June’s Home Safety Month gets away from you, consider taking some time now to take advantage of the home and fire safety resources available to you from Kidde. Start by checking out Kidde’s Simple Steps to Safety page then be sure to check out the National Safety Council’s Safety at Home resource. Even though Home Safety Month is a perfect time to reassess the dangers in your home and care for your family’s safety, Kidde offers a variety of resources year-round. For more information you can always visit Kidde on Facebook and Twitter as well as on their website, Kidde.com.

What areas of your home do you believe could benefit from a home safety assessment? Are there any steps to make your home safer that you’d like to take this month?

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