Holiday Recommendation: Sid the Science Kid Talkin Sid by Hasbro

When my children fall in love with a show, one of the first things I do is check online for related merchandise. I know that shortly after watching their favorite episode for the one hundredth time, someone is going to request a stuffed animal/t-shirt/CD/plastic something related to the show’s characters. There are many cases – especially when the show is educational – that the accompanying products are just as exciting to mom as they are to kiddo. And then there are the sad situations where both the kids and I latch on to a new show only to find that the fun ends there.

One of our new favorite shows this year is Sid the Science Kid. My daughter has several science kits, and we are often creating impromptu experiments of our own, including last winter’s fun with the cold, and this “how long will it take to melt and fall off of the straw” experiment that Emma created on the flight to Disney. All of this adds up to make Sid a welcome addition to our day.

For this reason, I was excited to hear that Hasbro launched a line of Sid the Science Kid figures. My son especially loves Sid and now carries our review copy of Sid the Science Kid Talkin Sid around the house, pressing its belly and making it say, “I’ve just gotta’ know” and “Scientist in the house!” Sid also comes with a DVD of the episode “The Sticker Chart.”

To get your own Sid the Science Kid Talkin Kid, check him out at or Don’t miss the chance to get Sid for $3 off using this Playskool coupon from!

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