Holiday Recommendation: Get Organized with Card Cubby and Pouchee

It seems lately that all it takes to make me happy is a great organizational tool. Kids toys accumulate under foot and I run out for new shelves with baskets. My work papers begin to pile and seemingly multiply when my back is turned so I file them away in notebooks.

But one organizational issue that reached its peak of chaos this summer is my rapidly growing business card collection. After a year of blogging and working in social media, my little piles and bags of cards from various events finally began to be overwhelming this fall. In fact, it drove me so crazy that I reached out on Twitter, desperate for organizational solutions.

One kind tweep sent me links to services that will download everything for me and send it back electronically in a nice, neat spreadsheet. While I’m sure that makes many hearts sing, it doesn’t work for me. I’m a tactile, visual person, and I need to have the card in hand to make the connection to the person who handed it to me in the first place. Another Twitter pal sent me to a site offering a business card filing cabinet. This won my award for cleverest idea, but it was not very realistic. I needed my business card collection to remain portable, and adding one more thing to my desktop did not sound like an improvement to my clutter problem.

There was one solution that was tweeted to me multiple times – The Card Cubby. This very attractive little purse contains sections organized alphabetically and sized perfectly for business cards. While I do believe that I need to purchase a second Card Cubby in order to have a blogger contacts cubby and a business contacts cubby, the Card Cubby really did turn out to be the perfect solution to my business card dilemma. I also could see the Card Cubby as a perfect transportable coupon organizer, gift card organizer, or important documents holder (social security cards, insurance cards, doctor’s cards, etc.).

I was given the opportunity to review my Card Cubby thanks to Sandy Jenney, a professional organizer who can be found online at Organize With Sandy. I have known Sandy for about a year, but recently was able to learn more about what she does during the Mom Marketplace at the Type-A Mom Conference last September. I purchased a Pouchee (as seen on the left) from Sandy during that event and have been very happy with that purchase. If there is someone on your holiday gift list who is always finding herself without the things she needs because she switches from purse to purse according to event, you should check out the Pouchee. I have an over-developed love of Tote bags, and while they generally have cute inside pockets and key lanyards, I still find myself forgetting to transfer essentials from tote to tote. That’s why I love the Pouchee I bought from Sandy. The Pouchee holds my basics – wallet, business cards, pen, Blackberry, sunglasses, breath mints (come on ladies…you never know) – and I simply move the Pouchee from tote to tote rather than trying to dig for those individual items. If you’re reading this and saying, “Yes! That’s me!” then maybe it’s your wish list that needs to include a Pouchee…

Thanks to Sandy Jenney for allowing me to review the Card Cubby!

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