Holiday Recommendation: Craft Caravan


If you’re looking for a unique gift this holiday season I am recommending Craft Caravan. Keri at Craft Caravan contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing this service, and while the craft they sent is adorable and perfect for my daughter, I was honestly sold on the idea just from the description.

The Craft Caraven Kids Craft Club provides Card Making Kits and Craft Club Projects to your children through the mail. Each Craft Club craft is seasonal and theme-based and comes complete with all craft supplies, illustrated instructions, and a fun fact sheet related to the theme. The Card Making Kits come in a variety of themes including birthday, thank you, and invitations. The craft kits start at $9.99/month and the card making kits at $11.99 per kit.

What I love best about the service is that my children receive a fun item in the mail. My children are still at that age where they love to run to the mailbox in the hopes that something has come for them, and I’m sure they would be even more excited to find that not only did they receive mail, but they received a fun project to complete. I also love that this is a consumable gift. The kids will enjoy it, learn, complete the project….and then it will go away. With all of the plastic clutter that fills up our homes, the Craft Caravan is a welcome respite!

For more information please go to, and thank you to The Craft Caravan for sending my children a sample of a month’s activity!

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