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I recently received an e-mail from my children’s pre-school – no, they’re not in trouble…yet – asking for the school family to rally around one of our own. Through the power of blogging and social media, I’d like to see if we can all help this family in need.

My family is lucky enough to live in a part of the country that is blessed with an abundance of talented people. One such example is Louise BonnettRampersaud, a talented children’s book author and illustrator whose children are alumni of the pre-school that my children currently attend. The school supports all of their families, and so it’s no surprise that Louise’s books pop-up in the classroom book corners.

Recently Louise’s family has fallen on hard times. We’re all feeling the belt-tightening of today’s gloomy financial climate,m but the Rampersaud’s have an added challenge. Louise’s husband is fighting the same aortic disorder that took the life of actor John Ritter, and the fight has taken a terrible financial toll on the family.

So how can you help? This is not a request for money.

Louise, like any good Resourceful Mommy, is using her talents to support her family financially. She has re-released her children’s book, How Do You Sleep?, in board book form, and it is available for purchase on Amazon.Com (I am not receiving any affiliate revenue from this post.)
Are you purchasing any children’s books for the holidays this year? Do you have an upcoming baby shower and still need to buy a gift? Please consider supporting Rampersaud and her family by purchasing one of her books.
Thank you for your support!

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