Help Fix Fatao’s Heart

There has always been a connection for me between the heart and Compassion International.  When I first wrote about Compassion three years ago, I titled the post A Story of a Woman and Her Heart.”  In making the decision to join the Compassion Bloggers this May in Tanzania, I had to let go of what my mind was telling me and instead follow my heart to the right answer.

Today I’m not writing about how God has worked on my heart through the work Compassion International is doing around the world, but rather about the work Compassion is doing to repair the heart of a child named Fatao.

Each Compassion sponsor donates $38 a month to cover the expenses of their sponsored child, but when the medical needs of that child exceed what is covered by that monthly donation, Compassion turns to the Medical Intervention Fund to provide the medical care needed.  Right now this fund is needed for Absoul Fatao who has been suffering from a ventricular septal defect since he was one year old.  He and his family live in poverty in Burkina Faso and therefore he has never received the surgery he needs.  Thankfully, God brought him to Compassion’s Child Development Center, and now the hope is for him to have surgery in India.

What will it cost to heal Fatao’s heart?  $23,000.

With your help, Compassion is stepping into the gap for this little boy. Your generous donation will help pay for this surgery that Fatao so desperately needs.

Please give today.

Any money raised in addition to the $23,000 for Fatao’s surgery will be used to pay for similar surgeries for other children in our sponsorship program.

Not able to contribute financially at this time?  You can still help!

Please share Fatao’s story on your own blog, Facebook page, and on Twitter using the tag #Fatao.  You can also learn more about Fatao and spread the word by visiting Fatao’s landing page.


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