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It’s official – we’re moving.  After years of wondering if we’d spend the rest of our lives in our current home and months of searching, we found a home that fits our needs better and a month from now, we’ll be living there.  My biggest concern in this entire process has been my children: will they be excited, will they be upset, will I scar them for life by ripping them from the only home they’ve ever known?

Okay, so maybe I’m over-reacting, but I do want to take every step possible to make this transition easier for the kids. We’ve talked to them about the process (packing, moving, unpacking – oh my!), the timeline, the things that will change and those that will not.  We’ve asked them for preferences and encouraged them to share their concerns.  We tried to assure them that they will be taking all of the things they love with them except for the playset, which will stay here for the next owners.

One question we asked to make sure we answered all of their fears was: “What is the one thing that you are most worried about leaving behind?”

My son’s answer was…”My paint.”

Two years ago we converted his Winnie-the-Pooh nursery into a big boy room and allowed him to choose the theme.  His choice was simple – “Dogs.”  That’s all he wanted. I couldn’t find any appropriate bedding and decoration set, so instead we drove around hand-picking the thing he liked for his new dog room.  I even made him a comforter and throw pillow with fuzzy dog appliques we found at a fabric store.  In the end, his room was perfect – exactly what he wanted.  Now that we’re moving, he is devastated to leave his dogs behind.

So we told him he didn’t have to. We promised to hang the same curtains, use the same bedding, paint the same colors.  And I promised to do everything I could to find the same vinyl border, his favorite dogs of all.

But the dog border has been discontinued!

I am sure that someone, somewhere, purchased this wall border and never used it and it’s sitting in a closet or attic.  I’m sure that someone bought twice as much as they needed and the extra is somewhere on a shelf.  Maybe someone even knows what became of the leftover stock after stores stopped carrying this item.

Can you help this blogger out?

I’m not feeling very resourceful these days because no matter how hard I search – Craigslist, Ebay, online stores – I cannot find this border.  I have seen blog readers do incredible things, and I’m hoping that this time is no different.  Maybe if we all do just a little digging we’ll find this border somewhere.  If we tweet it or mention it to friends, maybe someone will say, “I’ve got that in my house and don’t need it!”

Our back-up plan is to try to remove the border and take it with us, but our first attempt did not go well.  As the vinyl pulls away from the wall it stretches, warps, bubbles.  I’d love to find new so my son can have his dogs – only new dogs – in the new house.

Mission: Find the discontinued “Puppy Tales” vinyl wallpaper border by Carter’s

The Reward: One very happy four year old boy

Thank you all for your help!

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  • Aww, I understand that totally! We just made a HUGE move from Seattle, WA to Savannah, GA & leaving the rooms was tough for our kids too. They are older than your DS4, I have DD8 & DS12, so more of an emphasis was put on missing friends. I wish you all the best in finding this border, Amy, & I’ll RT it as much as possible for ya! There’s got to be some more out there! 🙂

    • ellen ginsberg

      that is definitely it but I was going to suggest that you buy that little boy his own puppy when you move and take pictures of it for his own bedroom since he is 2 years older now. Whatever you decide, have fun with the bedroom and I hope you are all happy in your new home!

  • Just did a quick search and the ONLY thing showing up is Upscale For Less. Unfortunately, the are sold out BUT you may be able to contact them to see if they anticipate receiving any more (and beg). Here is the link. GOOD LUCK!

    • Amy

      Thank you! It seems to be discontinued, but I’m calling the manufacturer – Kidsline for Carter’s – to see if they have stock anywhere. Crossing my fingers!

  • I clearly remember the floral wallpaper I had in my room growing up. I stared at it every night as I fell asleep and traced the flowers with my fingertips when I was bored. When my parents announced we were moving, that was one thing I knew I would miss. Good luck!

  • Here is a site that has wall hangings of the discontinued border:

    You could also try contacting Carter’s Kids Line to see if they might know:

  • Christie Wanderer

    OK worse case scenario if you don’t find it, could you take your son to a store and have him pick out a new dog border of them? he might really like that as well. That might also help him out the old house behind and start fresh and be excited for the move? It’s just another idea. Hope you find your paper!!

  • Sadie

    Could you steam a piece off and frame it for him? Then he would be taking the dogs with. Then he could hang it in his new room.

    • Amy

      That might be what we end up doing – thank you!

  • Have you tried calling Carter’s, or the border’s manufacturer to ask where they outlet their discontinued styles?

    Perhaps you can sell him on the fun of choosing a new puppies border? Wish I had some to pass your way!

  • That’s a great idea! You know since he’s getting a new room he could always just pick a new theme.

    Maybe change it up a bit, and get him excited about the new house.

    • Amy

      Kristin, I wish this kid wanted new. He doesn’t enjoy change 🙁 When I wanted him to give up diapers I offered him a trip to Disney AND a puppy. A real puppy (and a real trip to Disney) 😉 Know what he said? “No thanks, Mom.” Little bugger….

  • Chelle

    You know – Burlington coat factory carried it. My store still has the lamp and diaper stacker. So….maybe the most rural Baby Depot you can think of?

  • Have you tried calling Carter’s directly. They might be able to tell you how long ago it was discontinued and what they do with discontinued stuff.

    I don’t know if it helps but you might try contacting this Ebay seller. It appears they have some other Carter’s Puppy Tales stuff and they did have a listing (ended) for the border. Maybe they have it in their stock.

    • Amy

      Both Carter’s and the direct manufacturer, Kidsline, say it was discontinued so long ago that all stock is gone. However, I’m going to email that Ebay seller right now! Thank you!!!

  • Liz

    Have you tried to see if you can take the border off? At least some of it so you can frame them around his new room. This could be one idea. I’m sure the people who buy this house will take it off anyway. Hope this is an idea. Good luck & Congrats on your new home.

  • Have you shown your son any other dog borders? Tell him he needs a new dog border to go with his new room.

  • Laura

    Is this it? If not, try misspelling it when you search eBay or craigslist. Good luck!

  • Lyndsay Hanson

    There is one roll listed on ebay right now, I just saw it and it is a buy it now option for the next 29 days.
    Hope you get it, good luck!!!
    My son has this whole set and we love it!

  • […] readers may remember when we were moving a little over a year ago and could not find the discontinued wall border in my son’s bedroom.  It was critically important to me to make my at the time four year old son’s bedroom in […]