Heal Aging Skin with Vaseline Mature Skin

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This is the year of 40. Until now, I haven’t been one to really dread a birthday. Sure, I’m well aware that I’m getting older but I’ve never really felt “old”. I’m not sure what it is about the number 40 that magically makes you begin to notice things that you never have before, but even seeing it on the horizon has affected me dramatically and has made me think long and hard about taking better care of myself.

I’ve been covering up stray gray hair since my early 20s, but in the past couple of years those are taking over in droves. I find small twinges and aches that I can’t always explain. And then there are the skin changes. Laugh lines are starting to show and overall, I’m noticing my skin being drier than it has been throughout my younger years.

It never really occurred to me that dry skin is a normal part of the aging process, especially for women as they move toward menopause. Add to that the effects of sun, weather, and simply not showing your skin the attention it deserves and the years really begin to show. As I’m rapidly approaching 40 and all of the body changes that go along with aging, it’s a great time to start new habits to take care of my skin.

Moisturizing has been something that I’ve been a little lax about. While I’ve always noticed dry skin in the winter, I’d just throw on a little lotion and carry on with my day. With so many body and skin changes beginning, I need to create a better skin care routine before things get out of hand and finding a good moisturizer is an important part of that routine.

Available both online and in-store at Walmart, is formulated to heal and rejuvenate skin that is showing signs of aging. Whether you’re just starting to notice differences in your skin or if you’re already dealing with menopause-related dry skin, Vaseline Mature Skin begins working to improve the look and feel of your skin from the first application.

contains Vitamin B3 and PPAR Activators plus intensive moisturizers that will help to heal and rebalance skin affected by menopause and body changes in the years leading up to menopause. Vitamin B3 is known for its affects to rebalance skin and PPAR Activators are included to help improve skin appearance. Add to that the light fragrance and non-greasy feel and Vaseline Mature Skin is a great choice for those who are looking to fight dry, aging skin.

Want to learn more? Visit or stop into your local Walmart to find out more information about Vaseline Intensive Care™ Mature Skin, then pick up a bottle to see how it can help your skin fight the effects of aging and menopausal changes.

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  • I didn’t know that menopause can cause dry skin until I read this article. I just thought plainly that as we get older so does our skin. Anyway, I love your choice – Vaseline Mature Skin. It’s very gentle to the skin.