Halloween Safety with Rayovac

I remember as a child on Halloween, carefully navigating jack-o-lantern’s lit with candles, holding tight to the edges of my incredibly flammable 1980’s made costumes. We walked house to house in total darkness on some streets, only sporadic streetlights to light our way. And in a small town with no sidewalks, we did our Trick-or-Treating walking along the edge of the road.

It sounds like a Halloween nightmare, but at the time it seemed perfectly normal and safe!  The truth is that Halloween can be a very unsafe time for many little ones going house to house for Halloween treats.

In my family we walk with our kids to ensure that they are staying on the sidewalks and being mindful of passing cars. We also make sure that they can see where they’re going with the help of flashlights and be seen with the help of glowsticks.

This year our kids will be wearing Glow Sticks provided by Rayovac. With 5 light modes (flashlight and wand, flashlight and flashing wand, glowing wand, flashing wand) and a clip for a belt or pocket as well as a lanyard, these Glow Sticks are able to keep our kids safe for only $3.99 each. Bonus? My daughter can easily incorporate her Rayovac Glow Stick into her witch costume as her wand, and I’m sure Captain America will enjoy having a light saber, even if it isn’t typically part of his arsenal.

What are your favorite tips for keeping your kids safe on Halloween?

I am a Rayovac sponsored Blogger.  As part of this program I have received product and monetary compensation.

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