Goody Bag for Bookies

I’m going to confess right now that the prize I’m giving away tonight that really makes my heart skip a beat (or two or three) is the Cherry Blossom Market collection from Playskool. But I’m well aware that not everyone reading this has a 4 year old daughter interested in spending hours pretending to sell ice cream. For the rest of you, how about curling up with a good book? And what’s better than….a free book. Thank you to the following Site Warming Party sponsors for donating these great reads:

Chicken Soup for the Soul‘s latest additions to their incredibly successful series focus on two demographics near and dear to resourceful mommy’s everywhere: teens and mothers. The wonderful women over at Type-A Mom, where I am fortunate enough to be the Suburban Mom Editor, have donated the entire Teens series to one lucky winner and the Moms series to another.

The teens series is comprised of Teens Talk Relationships, Pre-Teens Talk, Teen Talk Tough Times, and Teens Talk Growing Up. In Teens Talk Tough Times, a host of issues facing teens today are discussed frankly, such as this excerpt from Elisa Donovan:
“It got to the point where I no longer went out with my friends. I couldn’t – – if I went to dinner, what would I eat? I avoided their phone calls. If they wanted to go to the movies or just hang out at home, I couldn’t be there – – what if food was around? I had to be home alone to eat my little cup of grapes. Otherwise, I thought I was failing. Everything revolved around my strict schedule of eating. I was embarrassed to eat in front of anyone, believing that they would think I was gluttonous and ugly.”

The new Mom series of books is comprised of the following titles: Moms and Sons, Moms Know Best, and Like Mother, Like Daughter. In Moms Know Best, Rebecca Wolf writes about those inevitable moments when we are embarrassed by our own mothers:
“Over the years, Mom’s embarrassment factor has dimmed like an old night light, but she remains the raging superhero she always was. Even though I’m living one hundred miles away, she brings me soup if I’m sick, helps with my work when I’m swamped and makes sure that boyfriends are treating me right. She still has her crystal ball on hand and will often call me on a bad day to cheer me up even before I tell her that I was just fired, dumped or just plain lonely. She has grown to be my best friend, and even though I don’t live at home anymore, I still confide in her and tell her everything. Well — almost.”

Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Power – the newest title from prolific parenting author, Susan Heim covers a range of topics including:
– Factors that influence brain growth in the womb
– Fattening up the brain
– Windows of opportunity
– Development of language, vision, hearing and motor skills
– Red flags in your baby’s development
– Uncovering your baby’s temperament
– Attachment and bonding

Boosting Your Baby’s Brain Power offers practical and fun ways for parents to boost through baby’s brain power from the womb to their first birthday!

VA Secrets Revealed! An Insider’s Guide to Being a Successful Virtual Assistant: In an increasingly fast-paced and digital world, virtual assistants are taking care of the tasks that no one else has time for, and doing so efficiently and professionally. Author and successful virtual assistant, Alyssa Gregory, was kind enough to donate two copies of her new book to the readers of Resourceful Mommy. You can follow her success – and witty chatter – on Twitter at .

Janron Publishing donated this e-book package that includes resale rights for those looking to add a new dimension to their online business.

And finally, for those of you who not only like to read, but like to write, I’m donating a copy of Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write. Now if only I could find the time to finish reading my copy of that book….

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