Give the Gift of Creativity with littleBits™


As my children have grown older, choosing gifts that they love for Christmas has become more and more challenging. There seem to be fewer options that hold the boys’ interest that don’t involve screens and wifi, and even less that offer educational opportunities. I love to encourage creativity in my kids and challenge their minds, so finding great gift ideas that do both is such a bonus.

We were recently offered the opportunity to work with littleBits™ and I knew instantly that this would be a product that both of my kids would love. STEM and technology are among their favorite topics, so a kit to create their own electronic inventions is perfect for them.


The littleBits™ Gizmos and Gadgets kit 2nd Edition features all the components you need to create a dozen projects straight out of the box (including a battery) plus pieces can be reused to create even more. Wheels, fans, and motors allow you to bring every project to life, while color-coded magnetic building blocks make it easy to snap together the pieces. You also have the ability to control some inventions remotely through Bluetooth via an app on a phone or tablet, which takes creating to another level.

Take a look at some of the fun kids can have with this fabulous invention kit and why littleBits™ is the most awarded STEM company ever!


My boys (who are 9 and 10 years old) have already created and re-created several different inventions with very little assistance from me. I do have to occasionally help snap the components into the base or give a helping hand with a tricky screw, but they mostly work independently and problem-solve to make the different gizmos in the instruction book or create things from their own imagination.


Here’s one of their inventions so far – a spinning lamp – which you can find step-by-step instructions to create on the littleBits website:


Does the littleBits™Gizmos and Gadgets kit 2nd edition look like something your kids would love this holiday season? Visit their website to learn even more about these great invention kits and put one under your tree this Christmas! They’re offering a great Black Friday deal, 20% off with code THANKS2016, available through Sunday! Be sure to follow littleBits on Twitter and Facebook for product information, Cyber Monday deal information, and more!

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