Furreal Friends Dizzy Dancers Review

I have been waiting for months to write this review.  At first my post was delayed because the PR rep who sent me the product to test threw down the gauntlet, challenging me to perfect the “spinning on the top of a pen” trick.  I wanted ample time to master my new skills before pulling out the old video camera.  But then something happened.  My kids stole my Dizzy Dancer.  Now I do realize that they are a toy for kids so this shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did seriously cut into my practice time.  As a result, I am waving the white flag and sharing the Dizzy Dancers YouTube video instead:

The other delay?  My kids will not give me our Dizzy Dancer back so that I can take pictures of her.  The day she arrived, we all played together, practicing the pen trick, making her spin on my desk.  But she very quickly disappeared into their bedrooms.  I was able to get her back a few times to practice my crazy Dizzy Dancer Skillz, but before I could even take one picture, she was gone.  Now every time I ask to have her back, they say that she’s not available right now or they’re not sure which toy box she’s in.  Translation?  I’m not getting her back.

The moral of the story?  While I hardly ever write reviews, I do like to check out new products when they seem innovative and interesting, and Dizzy Dancers absolutely fit the bill.  The kids play with their Dizzy Dancer for more than just a few minutes, and clearly love her enough to hide her from me and the black hole that is my office.  The best part of Dizzy Dancers?  When my kids are playing with her they are communicating with each other, building ramps and platforms for her, using their minds and their hands to try new tricks.  They are not absorbed in a computer game or staring at a TV or fighting.  I’m serious. They stop fighting. (no really!)

Want to learn more about the Dizzy Dancers?  Check them out at DizzyDancers.com where you’ll find information as well as videos, trick challenges, a Design-a-Dizzy mini game, and a poster of all Dizzy Dancers for kids to track their collections.

Product was provided for review. No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are my own, but apparently the Dizzy Dancer belongs to my kids.

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  • Janet

    I’m so sorry to hear you won’t be creating a video for us (but I did enjoy the official video). It looks like a fun toy and I understand why your kids won’t share it with you (I wouldn’t either, LOL)!

    • If I can ever get the toy back, I’ll go for it! LOL

      • Janet

        I’ll look forward to seeing a video right about the time your kids are graduating from high school (they’ll have given up the Dizzy Dancer by then, I hope!).