The Fruits of My Labor

Okay. So they’re actually vegetables. And let me just admit up front that this post is far less about food and far more about life.

Two months ago my husband built my gorgeous Oasis garden and we planted chic little seedlings and seeds. We followed the rules about spacing and planted neat little rows of carrots, cucumbers, cantaloupe, string beans, and peas.

I’m not going to show you a picture of my garden now.

The peas and string beans grew straight up creating a jungle that hid the weeds, which enjoyed the fertile veggie soil. Little did I know that both the cantaloupe and the cucumbers are vine plants that wind around the garden, up the netting, and over the other side. Today I went to harvest the first cucumbers of the season. They are gorgeous – even without the bright pink flower. They’re also delicious having gone straight from my garden to my plate with just a matter of moments between.

But the peas have died. The carrots, small and shriveled. I had so much going on in that garden that some plants were sacrificed, lost, choked out.

Here’s where I hit you with the heavy-handed metaphor on life. Having just returned from BlogHer, I am among the 1500 bloggers who are re-evaluating the way way we blog, why we blog, how we blog. I have taken on many things – crowded my garden – and I fear the resulting shriveled carrots. I am proud of those cucumbers. I hope to only produce bloggy goodness as well.

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