Four Years In Numbers

Four years ago today I began blogging.  Four years may not seem like that long, but the online world is a bit like dog years so it puts me somewhere between an old crone and a young yet experienced hussy.  I’ll take it.

In the past I’ve celebrated my bloggiversary with twitter parties, giveaways, blog carnivals.  I created fun little graphics and gave away thousands of dollars in stuff.  All kinds of stuff.  House cluttering stuff.  This year I forgot about my bloggiversary until just a couple days ago, which isn’t surprising since I’m middle aged in blogging years.  No one wants to admit that they’re (their blog) is getting older.

Instead of a bunch of chaos creating hoopla, I’ve decided to take today to reflect on my blog by the numbers.  I’m not talking about the blog subscribers, pageviews, or unique visitors that I can find via Google Analytics and StatCounter.  Those numbers have never interested me that much, which is typical of someone with small numbers.  Ahem.  The numbers I’m looking at are these…

1,673 – the number of posts I’ve published just on in the last four years.  This post makes it 1,674.

600 – the number of Twitter parties I’ve hosted, give or take a handful, since launching the event format mid-2008.  Yes, I think I can tweet in my sleep.

2 – the number of posts I wrote that first day, one about my mustang named Sally and one about my couch named Fernando.  Once I had kids I stopped naming inanimate objects, mostly because keeping from calling the kids Tigger and the cat Noah or Emma is difficult enough.

5 – the number of times I’ve changed my logo.

136 – the number of times I’ve written about Disney, my favorite home away from home.

2 and 4 – the age of my kids when I began blogging.

6 and 8 – their ages today.

1,812 – the number of bloggers in my Global Influence blogging network.

4 – the number of countries I have traveled to outside of the United States because of blogging.

11 – the number of states I have traveled to outside of Maryland because of blogging. Poor District of Columbia. You still don’t have your statehood.

4,392 – the number of times I’ve considered quitting or publicly vowed to never blog again.

Countless – the number of blessings I’ve received from my readers, my client, and the blogging community.

As I start into my fifth year of this strange world where I occasionally pour my heart out into a computer and kind and amazing people somewhere in cyberspace peak through a window into my soul via a screen on their desk or in their laps or held in their hands, there are other numbers I want to begin to focus on more.

13 million – the number of babies worldwide born prematurely each year.

11,700 – the  number of people who die every day from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or malaria.

1 – the percent of the world that is not polio free.  Worldwide eradication is within reach.

20 – the number of seconds that pass before another child dies from a vaccine preventable disease. And then another. And another…

26 – the number of countries in the world where Compassion International serves children and families in need.

9 – the number of dollars it takes to feed a baby for a week via Samaritan’s Purse.

I first launched the Resourceful Giving section of this site in February of 2009, and since then I’ve used it to do everything from raise $5,000 for the March of Dimes (go Team Emma!) to share charity campaigns created by the brands we all know and love to help find sponsors for the children of Tanzania.

Here is one more number – 74.  This is the number of online “influence” I apparently have according to Klout.  But unless that number plays a role in affecting the numbers above, it is completely useless.

When I started blogging in the summer of 2008, I could not imagine that even one person would read what I had to say.  Now I cannot believe that I can continue to have a voice and not do more for others with it.  Thank you for joining me on this strange journey over the last four years, and thank you in advance for sticking with me as my blogging path continues to shift towards wanting less and doing more.

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.  ~Arthur Ashe


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  • YOU ROCK! Here’s to year number 5!! Congratulations! Keep doing great things!

  • I <3 you.

  • Happy Blogaversary! You’ve accomplished so much in just four years, I can only imagine what the next four hold!

  • Mazel Tov on your 4 magical years. There have been ups and downs along the way, but you have kept your chin up. You have helped so many people and been a wonderful inspiration. I am so glad to have met you online and multiple times in person. Thank you for being you and such a wonderful friend 🙂

  • I’m so honored to have been a small part of your four years blogging. I participated in your first Twitter parties, saw the birth of Global Influence and became a member, followed and joined in as you brought attention and funds to so many causes I love, and have come to love you dearly as a friend. At every step along the way, God has prepared you for who you are today- to do THIS thing (whatever that may be), while simultaneously training you for the next thing he has in store. I, for one can’t wait to see what comes in the next four years!

  • not nearly enough = the number of times I have hugged you because of blogging!

  • There are other numbers that are immeasurable, like the number of people you have inspired over the years and continue to inspire in the future.

  • Love this and love you!!! Congrats!!!

  • Amy, women like you are why I love this space too, and why I stay. My 3rd bloggiversary was a couple of weeks ago. Grateful for your voice and your example. And for the numbers that mean the most.

  • Janet

    Congratulations, Amy, on four years of blogging! It’s been fun following your journey for the past couple of years. 🙂

  • Beautifully said! I’m so glad to have shared even a part of this journey with you. Wishing you a wonderful year 5!

  • Congratulations Amy – no small feat and you’ve done it so well!

  • Every part of this touched my heart. I hope you do know how much you mean to those of us that visit you here. Numbers or not, you are making a great difference in the world. Thanks for sharing!

  • Congrats on reaching a fantastic milestone! You are doing so many wonderful things – I can’t wait to watch you continue on this journey. 🙂

  • You were one of the first people to be “nice” to me online, and I’ll always remember it and be grateful to you for it. Not a number exactly, but I bet it could be if you added up all the other people like me!

  • I must say you have been very busy during these 4 years. Lot of articles and thoughts haa!!
    People should learn something from you. How to live a life, you are one of those very few examples.
    God bless you always. And keep writing.