The Four Seasons of Disney

In Winter the World tells us Christmas is here,
With holly and garland on each Mickey ear.
Hot cocoa and brownies great each merry guest
as the Magic Kingdom shows us its best.
With parties, parades, and snow on Main Street,
there’s nothing to beat this holiday treat.

Spring’s when the flowers have their time to shine
With topiary characters all in a line.
Cinderella in pumpkin plant, Beauty in rose,
A long, twisting branch is Pinocchio’s nose.
Don’t miss The Lion King played out in plants.
From March through May is when you’ll have your chance.
The summer’s Nightastic, with fireworks and shows.
Old favorites return like the parade that glows.
Extended night hours keep kiddies up late,
But they’ll still wake up early to be first to the gate.
The ice cream tastes sweeter, the lights all shine bright.

There’s nothing like Disney on a hot summer night.
The fall brings small crowds making ride waits a breeze,
Booking character meals can be done with ease.
With free Disney Dining and five for three deals,
Autumn’s a great way time for Disney steals.
Mickey’s Not-So-Scary, yet always boo-riffic,
For many, fall makes Disney terrific.

We’ve been there in Winter, in Summer, in Spring.
We hope to some day join the Halloween fling.
I’ll go any month – who needs a reason?
But tell me…what do you think is the best Disney season?

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  • Loukia

    The best Disney season is when your youngest child is OUT of diapers! 😉

  • Rockin Mama B

    The best Disney season is Fall! Gotta love Halloween, shorter wait times, cooler weather and smaller crowds! I also have to agree with Loukia-defiently when the youngest is out of diapers!

  • Shannan

    Amy's a poet and we didn't know it. Her boobs are like Longfellows and…oh, wait. That's a different post.

  • Brenda

    February & September the best times to go – no lines and the weather is not too bad!

  • Joy

    great job

    I hope the second week in November is the best time to do Disney since this is when we will be going. We are doing a big family trip of us, Sil and her fam and FIL and his wife for a total of 10 peeps so yea I hope it is a great time to be there.

  • Allison

    I traditionally went to Disney in the spring and I love those memories. Now we usually go in the fall and I just LOVE it. The shorter lines and cooler weather and especially the food and wine festival. Our next trip will be when all my kids are out of diapers though.

  • alinatmom

    Late winter, I get to leave cold Maine, the rates are low, less people, mid 70's.

  • Sheryl

    I have always gone in June. But, I've always wanted to go in December to see all the Christmas decorations!

  • Nancy

    First of all, LOVE your poem! 🙂 As to the best time to go, I will say that for us, the Christmas season has a special magic at Disney that is not present anyplace else…and Christmases when we can't visit Disney World, are just a little less "Christmassy" as a result.

  • TheAngelForever

    Love your poem 🙂 I think the best Disney season is whenever you are able to make a magical visit. Having done a Disney honeymoon at the end of June/early July it was HOT. I went as a child in August and that was humid and it was less crowded, but so very warm. Sad to admit, I have never been in the fall and would love to for Food and Wine, along with Halloween. Went in February and thought it was fun, but as you know it was COLD for Florida. Spring is still my favorite. Love the Flowers and Gardens blooming and less crowds in the park. So, can we please move to Disney now?

  • zannaland

    I love your poem!! How creatively fabulous!!

    I'm often asked what my favorite season at Walt Disney World is, and I still cannot pinpoint one answer. It's definitely a tie between October and December.

    I absolutely love Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, followed by Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival in the Fall. So much fun and yumminess.

    At the same time, I have a special place in my heart for Disney during the holidays. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party is just magical with the 'snow' on Main Street, cookies & cocoa and all of the decorations everywhere. (Plus my birthday is 2 weeks before Christmas so that makes it extra fabulous).

    As far as crowd levels, I love the middle of January for cooler temps and walking on most rides. 🙂

  • Amy @ Tshirt and Jeans Mom

    Love this Amy, so creative.

    As for Disney, I have to agree with the others that love the fall. It's still warm enough to swim, lower humidity, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot.

    Of course my very favorite season is whenever I can go!!!

  • Andi

    Oh, Amy your poem is just precious! I would have to agree with you and Suzannah that I love them all! (Sort of like I love all four of my children for different reasons…who incidentally were born in different seasons.) Now, wait a minute, I'm getting into the rhyming act!

    Yet, if a pirate held a scabbard to me spleen, I'd have to exclaim, "Christmas Time!" I love to see all the resorts and parks decked out for the holidays and the attention to detail is even more pronounced. And I have to admit that one of my favorite WDW memories is watching my usually uptight husband DANCE to the Christmas music played in sync with the Osborne Lights!

    Thanks for this, Amy! What a blessing WDW is to me, and you are as well. Memories are priceless…

  • Valerie

    Hey Amy, what a fun poem, and as you know I have that special place in my heart for WDW too. Having been fortunate enough to have walked into the parks in every season I have to agree with Zanna, it's hard to say which is my favorite. Each season has something special to offer. However, I absolutely love the different feel the entire resort has during the Christmas holidays though. There is nothing quite like seeing the castle lit up in shimmering icicles. I can never tire looking at that! And in the beginning of December the crowds are low. Now, Go for your birthday! I have many times and by the way, mine is Nov.9th (didn't know yours is a day earlier) decorations for the holidays are starting to go up and crowds are still low too. But really for me, any time of year is a great time to go to the Happiest Place on Earth….

  • melanie

    I would definatly say fall. Shorter lines and it is not too hot out.

  • A. Smith

    Haha, Loukia thats so true!

    I would say anytime during the off-season so it's not brutally hot and the lines aren't very long. I would go anytime though just to experience the magic of disney.

  • Kristin

    Christmas! We do Disneyland every year for Christmas.

  • For the past 15 years we have went during Spring Break, so kids don’t miss school. I love the flower/garden festival, but can’t wait for the day when hubby and I can go in the Fall~ right before Thanksgiving! Anytime is a great time for a visit with the Mouse!