The Floss Trick aka How to Get Your Child’s Loose Tooth to Fall Out

This is the happy smile of a six year old girl who just lost her first tooth. And this is the relieved blog post of a mom who is happy to have another milestone successfully under her belt.

The day of Emma’s sixth birthday party she announced to the family that she had a loose tooth. Knowing that one of her “preemie” things was delayed eruption of teeth – didn’t get her first tooth until 15 months! – we all just sort of nodded and winked at each other. But then we saw her tooth move. It didn’t just squirm. It wiggled.

Being new to this tooth fairy gig, I was under the mistaken assumption that a child found a loose tooth, a child wiggled a loose tooth, and a week or two later said child lost a loose tooth. I had no idea that this process goes on for months and actually involves child sticking her fingers in her mouth during dinner, child approaching at inopportune times with drops of blood dramatically on a white tissue, and child entering this blogger’s bedroom late at night to ask when the wiggly, squirmy tooth is going to finally fall out.

Last week we discovered that the new replacement tooth had appeared behind the obstinate baby tooth and was trying desperately to find some space. The level of urgency this gave the matter – in Emma’s opinion – was just too much for me to handle. I needed a way out. That tooth needed a way out.

Thank God for my saving grace, my neighbor friend Laura, conveyor of The Floss Trick!

The Floss Trick: Should your child have a very loose baby tooth hanging on by a thread, be it a dead but stubborn root, a tiny millimeter of skin, or sheer nasty will, you’ve got to try this. Simply take a length of floss, loop it behind the loose tooth so that the floss also lies on either side of the tooth then….quickly and firmly criss-cross the two ends of floss across the front-bottom of the loose tooth. Whatever has been keeping that tooth from allowing peaceful sleep in your home will be cut and the tooth will – careful now! – fly out of your child’s mouth.

We found Emma’s under the sun room chair.

Tonight the Tooth Fairy will visit our daughter for this first time and bring her two shiny gold Sacajawea dollar coins in a little gossamer bag. Emma will get to keep the tooth because after all, even the Tooth Fairy agrees she deserves a souvenir of her first lost tooth.

And this mommy deserves a memento from those fifteen long months of waiting for that tooth to arrive….plus those six weeks of waiting for it to depart.
Written by: Amy

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