Five Simple Laundry Tips plus a $3 Tide Coupon!

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Laundry is one of those things that never seems to end – especially in a house like ours, with a husband who works a demanding physical job, tween boys who are tween boys, and the endless towels we have to wash for swim team. To say I’m up to my eyeballs in laundry is an understatement. I’m always on the lookout for ways to make laundry a little easier and, of course, to save money.

We’ve partnered with Tide and Walmart to share some of our favorite laundry tips, plus share a great coupon that will allow you to save $3 on Tide Detergent and Tide PODS!

Never, ever overload your machine.

While it might seem like it would save time and money to cram as much into each load as you can, your clothes simply will not get clean when there isn’t enough room for the water and detergent to move around them. Use appropriate load sizes and the right amount of detergent for each load.

Wash new clothes in cold water.

New clothing items often have a tendency to bleed dye into other clothing in the load. With a cold water wash with similar colored items, you reduce the risk of ruining the rest of the laundry. Once you’re sure the dye has set well, then you can begin to wash in warm water, if appropriate for the fabric type.

Create a sorting center in the laundry room.

Have separate hampers or baskets for whites, lights, and dark colors. Make it part of everyone’s cleanup routine to sort their clothing into the appropriate hamper when bringing it to the laundry room. Even little ones can learn to sort their clothes, helping to save you time on wash day!

Fold into individual baskets.

How many times have you folded a stack of laundry, leaving it on the couch to be put away later and someone has knocked it over? We have completely eliminated this issue at our house by having a basket for each bedroom and sorting everything into the baskets as we fold. Even if things don’t make it all the way to the drawers and closet, at least they can stay folded until they make it to the proper room!

Make sure stains have been treated and removed before drying clothes.

Once you put a stained item into the dryer, you can pretty much kiss it goodbye. Be sure to do the best you can to pretreat stains before they set and double check the spots before drying. NEW Tide PODS® Ultra OXI Laundry Detergent is a great choice, with upgraded stain and removal power.



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Written by: Shannan Powell

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