Five Easy Ways to Freshen Up for Spring

five ways freshen up

We’ve been waiting for weeks for the weather to turn to warm. Spring teased us for a minute in the mid-Atlantic, giving us a few days where we were in flip flops, then taking a violent turn with a winter storm and sub-freezing temperatures. While we haven’t quite made it back to the short sleeves and sandals temperatures I long for, things are starting to take a turn for the warmer. I’m so ready to welcome spring and say goodbye to the cold days of winter!

Ready to freshen up your home, start knocking out that spring cleaning, and say goodbye to the staleness of winter? Here are some easy ideas!


collage freshen up


Choose new scents – For those of us who aren’t sensitive to scented products, now is a great time to swap out your scents for something fresher and lighter. Whether you use an oil diffuser, wax melts, or just want a new scented shampoo to help lighten your mood, look for something that makes you dream of relaxing in the sun.

Change out curtains and throws – Brighten up your rooms with lighter colors and fabrics in your curtains, throws, rugs, and other accessories. It’s always fun to give a room a new look and the change of seasons is the perfect time to brighten up a room!

Bring in some flowers – Spring means an abundance of flowers beginning to bloom. Whether you pick some of your favorites from your own garden or just grab a bouquet at the grocery store while you’re shopping, fresh flowers in your home will make you smile every time you walk into a room.

Update family photos – The beauty of nature is a perfect backdrop for family photos. Now is the perfect time to schedule a photo session and update your family portraits! Adorable shots in Easter outfits, beach images, and using just-blooming trees as props will create family memories that will look stunning hanging on the wall.

Shop for seasonal foods –  One of my favorite things about spring is the change in how we eat. Switching to fresher, lighter foods with lots of local produce just makes me feel better. Keep an eye out for the start of local farmer’s markets and roadside stands and stock up on fresh fruits and veggies!

Want some ideas for getting your home all clean and fresh for the new season? Check out our Pinterest board!

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  • Jane

    I’m hoping to put away the snow shovels, I want to start my garden.