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I always knew that I wanted to be a mom.  More specifically, I always knew that I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.  Somehow over the course of my four years of teaching, I managed to scrape together enough money in my savings account to stay home for five years once my husband and I had children.  My daughter was born in the beginning of 2004, and twenty-seven months later, my son joined our family.  Then the clock started ticking…and five years goes quickly when you’re watching your children grow, wishing desperately to stop time.

I’ve written before about how this blog came to be, but I’m not sure that I’ve written about that moment when writing a blog became a steady paycheck.  This is my golden moment, the moment when staying home with my children as long as I wanted to – not until the money ran out – became a reality.

It happened on my birthday in the fall of 2008, when I got a phone call from someone I met on Twitter.  She had spoken with me a couple times about the twitter events I was creating, and now she was calling about a new site she was creating.  The site would need content, which meant hiring bloggers.  She asked if I would write several posts a week and also locate and manage a team of bloggers who would be writing for me twice a week.  It would be a steady paycheck, my first one since the day I gave birth to my daughter.

For this work-at-home mom, this moment where technology and opportunity and a drive came together was incredibly powerful.  I can still remember where I was sitting, what I was doing, and how I felt in that moment, and I believe that it helped put me on the path to where I am today both professionally and personally.

There are many aspects of technology that help me in my work each day, and one of those is Verizon FiOS, assuring that I am able to tweet quickly, download important emails, transfer documents, all without delays.  Now FiOS wants to hear your “Golden Moment!”  Whether you are an athlete, a multi-tasker, a couch surfer or a home runner, FiOS helps you achieve peak performance with the highest available internet speeds.

Tell FiOS about a moment in your life when you were at the top of your game!  Prizes include a media package worth over $1500, a 3D TV and more.  To enter to win please visit Verizon FiOS on Facebook.  Check back often in case you see a familiar face in the place of the “i” in FiOS…

And while this won’t count as an entry in the contest, I’d love if you shared your golden moments here as well in the comments section!

This post is in conjunction with a campaign sponsored by Verizon FiOS.


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  • I loved reading about your moment. As a current stay-at-home mom who is working hard on figuring out how to make that last, I enjoyed the idea that hard work can in fact lead to opportunity. 🙂